Previewing Interleague: The Most Important Series Nobody Will See

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Today is the first day of the second go-around of interleague play so let's take a look at a few interesting matchups. First, the Marlins - Rays.

Earlier this season, these two Floridian teams were in first place in their respective divisions. They've both since fallen to second, but that's not bad for the teams with the lowest payrolls in the majors. The Rays have been led by a fantastic young rotation of starting pitchers, while the Marlins hit tater tots as if they were going out of style: they lead the NL in homers.

Still, both teams are at the very bottom of the attendance standings, but I'm not here to attack the folks in Florida for not showing up. Heck, who in their right mind wants to go see a baseball game in a scorching hot football stadium? It's a shame that the Marlins don't have some sort of cozy baseball park with a retractable roof, not unlike Miller Park. Or really, it's a shame Jeff Loria hasn't fully extorted 100% of stadium funding from the public. Same goes for Tropicana Field. It's a concrete gymnasium, not a baseball park.

Either way, here are your pitching matchups:

   Friday: Ryan Tucker (R) vs Andy Sonnanstine (R)
   Saturday: Mark Hendrickson (L) vs Matt Garza (R)
   Sunday: Ricky Nolasco (R) vs Edwin Jackson (R)

Also of note, Marlin first baseman and sassy senior Jorge Cantu returns to St. Petersburg for the first time since leaving the Devil Rays. He played for Tampa for four years, which is why we really never heard of him.

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Also, Floridians can't even watch all the games on TV.

Its the battle of who can care less

Just wait until the NEXT one, Matty T.

Not that anyone cares but me, but these are also far and away the two best-looking teams in baseball.

Um I mean stats young pitching run differential OPB etc. etc.

Sorry, FMA, but Grady Sizemore is so sexy he alone counts as the best looking team in baseball.

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