Previewing Interleague: The NEW Battle for Supreme Awfulness Series

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Back in May, we took a look at the interleague series between the Mariners and Padres, two teams that were at the bottom of their respective leagues, both in records and statistics. Seattle won that series two games to one, but ever since, the two teams have gone in opposite directions. San Diego is 14-9 and Seattle is 6-15 since the first battle for supreme awfulness. The Padres are actually in the NL West discussion again, just 6.5 behind division-leading Arizona while Seattle's season is over; they're 16.5 games behind in last place.

That brings us to this weekend's series between the Mariners (24-42) and the Nationals (26-42) at Safeco Field, which we are dubbing the NEW Battle for Supreme Awfulness. Neither team can hit. Neither team can pitch. Neither team can do the hokey-pokey without falling over. Seattle manager and potty mouth John McLaren is on the hot seat while Washington manager Manny Acta is getting into fights with his players.

Still, the commissioner's office says the teams have to play the season out, so here are the pitching matchups:

   Friday: Shawn Hill (R) vs R.A. Dickey (R)
   Saturday: Tyler Clippard (R) vs Erik Bedard (L)
   Sunday: Tim Redding (R) vs Jarrod Washburn (L)

Knuckleballer R.A. Dickey is filling in for struggling Kenny G fan Miguel Batista. Dickey is 1-9 in his past 16 starts with a 7.87 ERA. His only win was as a Texas Ranger....over Seattle. Wake me up when this series is over.

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Wake me up when this series is over.

Just have your mom yell down the stairs.

I can't believe you made it through this preview withouzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Your mom joke? Check.
Blogger living in basement joke? Check.

CTC, your work is done here.


Jesus, I'm a local and I don't know what the hell a Tyler Clippard is?

This is a Tyler Clippard.

ANyone see that video of Jim Caple trying to catch a bunch of RA Dickey's knuckelballs? I don't understand how knuckleballers don't go 40-0 every year with a 0.00 ERA.

Oh, I see that dude down at the Foggy Bottom stop EVERY FUCKING DAY


I thought i'd erased that from my memory. Thanks a lot fucker.


If the pitch is out of the strike zone, the batter is not required to swing.

@ Jiegel,

Right. But my point is that to a non-pro like myself, all those knuckelballs look like they are right there and then they disappear.

note to self. If ever facing Farthammer in a baseball game throw him the knuckle

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