Previewing Interleague: The Return to 1992 Series

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Hey, remember 1992? Johnny Carson signed off, "November Rain" topped the charts, and Cito Gaston's Blue Jays toppled Bobby Cox' Braves in the World Series. Hope you like nostalgia because Gaston and Cox are going to be staring across the diamond at one another again. For three days. This weekend. In a mostly meaningless interleague series. Because they're both sub-.500 teams.

But before he managed the Braves, Bobby Cox was the manager of Toronto and once hired Cito Gaston as a hitting coach. So this series has special special meaning. Perhaps Cox will punch out Gaston's wife for old times' sake. Or perhaps Gaston will bring in Dave Winfield to pinch hit against Charlie Liebrandt. I don't know how these things work.

Here are your pitching matchups:

   Friday: Jair Jurrjens (R) vs Dustin McGowan (R)
   Saturday: Tim Hudson (R) vs John Parrish (L)
   Sunday: Jo-Jo Reyes (L) vs A.J. Burnett (R)

The games will be held in Toronto, so Cox can feel free to use ailing superstar Chipper Jones in the DH role. The Braves are dealing with other injuries, though, including losing backup shortstop Omar Infante in Wednesday's liveglog. That leaves them shorthanded at third base, shortstop, center field, left field, and cultural sensitivity.

Since re-hiring Gaston, the Blue Jays are 3-3 but have scored 6.2 runs per game. Recently called-up left fielder Adam Lind has provided the spark at the bottom of the lineup, hitting .357 with two tater tots and four RBI in the past week. J.P. Ricciardi probably thinks he likes baseball very much and that he plays with passion.

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Or maybe I will cry if the Braves lose this series, like in '92

Ah, November Rain. Ahhhh, Stephanie Seymour.

John Olerud is going to don a plastic top hat and play an air guitar solo on the SkyDome roof...

I was 8 years old in 1992. I had just been made to skip a grade and was absolutely, cripplingly socially awkward because I was younger than everyone else. WHY MUST YOU BRING UP THESE PAINFUL MEMORIES

Jimmy Key is going to jump through a cake. Ricky Rachtman is going to make a cameo.

Devon White and Otis Nixon will have a homer-robbing contest. Then they'll have an ugly contest, which is no contest at all, because Otis Nixon looked like a dead character from Beetlejuice.

The Braves lost all 4 games by 1 run.

Not much has changed in 16 years.

[Game 3] was also marked by the first World Series managerial ejection since 1985, when Atlanta's Bobby Cox threw a batting helmet out of the Braves' dugout to protest a ninth-inning strikeout of Jeff Blauser. While this wasn't the last World Series ejection, Cox remains the last manager to be ejected in the World Series (having been ejected in Game 6 of the 1996 World Series for arguing a call on the bases)

Tom Henke was my shop teacher.

Wait I'm sorry... is it not Awkward Overshare Friday?

/backs slowly out of room

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