R.I.P. Shawn T. Estes's Comeback (May 2008 - May 2008)

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Southpaw Shawn Estes, protagonist of Walkoff Walk's favorite comeback story of the early season, is going to have to make another comeback. After busting his ass for two years in the Padres minor league system to recover from Tommy John surgery, he's going back on the disabled list with a borkened thumb.

It was a bittersweet moment for Mr. Estes who had just collected his 100th career victory against the Cubs two weeks earlier. He 'celebrated' a Padres win over the Giants by tripping on the stairs between the visiting clubhouse and dugout at AT&T Park, breaking his left thumb.

Here's Shawn in his own, sad, self-deprecating words:

"I kind of feel I'm going to wake up at some point and say, 'That was a pretty realistic dream,' " said Estes, his badly swollen left thumb in a splint. "I've been through a lot the last couple of years. I'm very disappointed, borderline depressed. I'll have to stay as far away from the Golden Gate (Bridge) as I can for the next couple of days."

Some more words of advice, Shawn, if you want to keep yourself cheered up: stay away from Scott Rolen, Kenji Johjima, and the entire Washington Nationals organization.

In happier news, Paul DePodesta's first experiment in his reign with the Padres starts tonight as Korean righthander Cha Seung Baek gets thrown into the fire against the NL-West-killing (14-2 record) Cubbies. Yipes.

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Rob, methinks Geoff Baker is a glaring omission; I'd as soon send Estes into a dark room with a box full of razor blades and rope.

Rob, did I do something to you to warrant all these make-fun-of-the-lowly-Padres posts? I know I shouldn't have left you with the tab at Scores, but still ...

I say this as I'm 99.999% sure I'm the only Friar fan you've ever met.

Phony, Shawn T. Estes breaks his thumb falling down a flight of stairs and we're not supposed to say anything? This is beyond our control, buddy. This is cozmik.

Not true, Phony. I once ran into Ray Kroc's corpse at Trader Vic's.


I'll have to stay as far away from the Golden Gate (Bridge) as I can for the next couple of days.

Yeah, so you don't fall DOWN IT and break your other thumb! HA!

Rob, at Trader Vic's, was Ray Kroc's corpse drinking a pina colada. Was his hair perfect? Was looking for Lee Ho Fook's? Was he eating a big bowl of beef chow mein?

Freetzy, I have no idea what you just said but it shore would make a good song. Write that down!

I want a black T-Shirt that says "VINCENT" on it.

I like that athletes are actually acting out Elijah Price's injuries now. I look forward to watching Doug Glanville walk across the street to pick up comic books... and being run down by a Molten Core raid.

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