Scott Proctor's Right Arm Tells Scott It "Needs Some Time Apart"

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News out of Los Angeles is that prolific right-handed relief pitcher Scott Proctor is headed to the disabled list with an elbow injury. Seems as though Proctor was originally going to be optioned to Triple-A Las Vegas but after some prodding by manager Joe Torre, Proctor admitted he had an ouchie on his pitching arm. Sounds a little suspect to me! What gives, Dodgers beat writer Tony Jackson?

"I know it sounds like he just did that to keep from going to the minor leagues," Torre said. "But I checked with (trainer) Stan (Conte), and I think he had the same conversation with (Proctor) late last night." Torre went on to say that Proctor isn't the type of pitcher to admit -- either to his manager or to himself -- that he is hurt. "Scotty is that guy who figures that even in spite of it, he can go out and get people out," Torre said. Torre said Proctor was even willing to accept the option and go to Vegas and pitch hurt, but that club officials weren't going to allow him to do that.

What is it with professional baseball players not wanting to go to Las Vegas? First, Marcus Giles signed a minor league deal to play for the 51's and even started driving to Vegas before he turned around at the last minute. Now, the Proctor thing. Next thing you know, Andre Ethier will refuse assignment to Las Vegas because the restaurant scene is stagnant.

As for Mr. Proctor, the Fifth Outfielder blog took a sabermetric look at Scott's numerous appearances. They figured out that among the top ten pitchers in relief innings over the past three seasons, Proctor had the highest ERA and the only negative Win Probability Added. Basically: he reduced his team's chances of winning when entering the game.

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Torre should have to pay for the surgery.

But I checked with (trainer) Stan (Conte), and I think he had the same conversation with (Proctor) late last night.

Ooh ooh! Mad Libs!

But I checked with (jazz legend) Stan (Getz), and I think he had the same conversation with (Joao Gilberto) late last night.

But I checked with (interim leader of Afghani) Stan (Hamid Karzai), and I think he had the same conversation with (Donald Trump) late last night.

Wow. You win.


There's no way anyone can compete with (Afghani) Stan, so you ended this thing before it even began.

Or, what CTC said. I need coffee.

You know what they say...

"You can take Scott Proctor out of New York, but you can't take Tanyon Sturtze out of Scott Proctor."


Sorry, had to do it.

Joe is too busy picking his nose to realize that Proctor sucks.

But I checked with (out) Stan (dingly good-looking baseball player Joe Mauer), and I think he had the same conversation with (your mom) late last night.

You guys are no fun.

Man I am struggling this morning because my team has played night games on the west coast the last two nights. I am in the central time zone. I don't know how you east coast guys do it when your team is on the west coast.

I read about the game in the morning.

That would be tough for me. I don't think I could fall asleep with a game on unless of course I have a lot to drink. Then I feel like shit in the morning anyway so might as well stay up and watch the game... and drink.

I salute you bc twins fan. Can't flake out on the team when they're this hot.

I salute you as well, but add me to the hordes of Phillies fans who understand that 4 times out of 5, staying up past 11 to watch your team lose is a terrible way to go through life.


It is a lot easier to do it when they are winning. At least it's a day game so I can go to bed at a decent time. The FMBCTF will like it too because she won't have to go to bed alone again.

Vegas is the best city in the world as long as you never leave Caesars.

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