Series Preview: Cardinals At Tigers

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cardinal.jpgThe showdown starting tonight in Detroit may go a long way in determining the make up of both Central divisons for the next couple weeks. The Tigers have been good at home and have won 8 of their last 10 overall. The Cardinals were sliding precipitously until taking 2 of 3 in Boston. Expectations, especially my own, have been flipped on their heads by each of these teams. Could this be the series where each regresses/progresses to where I thought they would be?

Your pitching matchups:

  • Tonight: Braden Looper vs. Kenny Rogers
  • Tomorrow: Kyle Lohse vs. Armando Gallaraga
  • Thursday: Todd Wellemeyer vs. Nate Robertson

Oh yeah, they played each other in the 2006 World Series, too. CHECK KENNY'S HAND FOR MUD OR TAR OR SHIT.

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Again with the "Touch Me, I'm Dick" photo to illustrate a post?

Quick, Detroit Tigers, HIDE YOUR LITTLE BOYS.

I wonder if that Cardinal is a righty or a lefty.

I think he cut a hole in the bottom of his biretta "just to give it some air."

CTC, you forgot to call Leyland an asshole.

I love how a sub .500 third place team can playing and interleague series can "go a long way in determining the make up" of it's division.

Blame Herr Selig.


When said team is only 5 games back of the divison lead despite being three games under .500, things can get a little hectic.

1. Cut a hole in the biretta
2. Put your junk in that biretta
3. Make her open the biretta


I know... They will probably win the division. That would seriously suck ass but at least the White Sox wouldn't win it then.

I blame Selig for most things that go wrong in my life. Last year I took a day off of work to go to a Thursday day game and go the the ground breaking ceremony for the new Twins stadium just so I could boo the shit out of Selig. Wouldn't you know, the evening before the game a fucking bridge fell down in Minneapolis so they canceled the event and the game. That really sucked because I ended up going to work instead of going to the game and a groud breaking event where I could boo Selig.

Clare wins.

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