Sidney Ponson Comeback Trail Leads Directly Off Cliff

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sidney-ponson.jpgRemember a couple weeks back when I told that crowd pleasing yarn about Sidney Ponson's renaissance in a Rangers uni? Yeah well... that's over now. Evan Grant had a stellar article this weekend, reporting that the Rangers released the tubby misanthrope for being a tubby misanthrope.

"He had disrespectful and adverse reactions to situations that were unbecoming of a teammate," (GM Jon) Daniels said. "We want guys who want to be here. We're trying to put together a team here, and based on some comments and reactions, he didn't want to be part of that. That's not something we're going to tolerate."

This is coming from an organization that employs Milton Bradley. Ponson had been one of Texas's most reliable hurlers so it's not surprising that sources described the rift between management and Ponson as being rather extreme. Was this his last chance? You'd have to be one hell of a gambler to roll the dice on a guy that can't keep it together now matter how well he's playing.

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How many judges does a guy have to punch on the beach on Christmas to get a job around here?

Sleeves are for rules-followers.

The Mariners could use an anchor at the end of the rotation.


I'd be a bit adverse to the unbecoming of a teammate as well.

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