Sir Sidney Of The Bronx

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sidney-ponson.jpgFun news out of Yankee Stadium: our pal Sidney Ponson has signed a minor league deal with the Yanks. After being DFA'd by the Rangers, not a single team even offered a bundle of bats for the Tubblemaker and he became an unrestricted free agent. Please pay no attention to the fact that the Yankees DFA's him themselves last season. It's looking like he may start in the double header against the Mets next weekend.

"He's coming into Scranton not to help us in the International League; he's coming in to try to pitch his way into the big leagues," Cashman said.

Ponson was pitching extremely well in Texas and frankly, with all of the spekulashun about who would fill the holes in the NYY rotation, I'm surprised his name never really came up. Keeping Ponson in line will be Girardi's biggest test as Yankee manager thus far. It's a test that eventually he will fail. On a long enough line, Sidney Ponson cracks up 100% of the time. The question is how much can they get out of him before that happens. Personally, I predict he wins 20 then during the playoffs shows up drunk, poops and cries on the mound.

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DO NOT let him know the Yankee Tavern sells dollar hot dogs.

Oh I get it, Hilarious. That's just good clean fun right there.

@BC Twins

I have an interview today to be a headline writer at the NY Post. I'm gonna wear a clown wig and a squirting lapel flower.

SERIOUS ROB SAYS: As a Yankees fan, I am disappointed that the team went in this direction to fill a roster spot. Shame.

MILDLY AMUSING ROB SAYS: That enormous judge-puncher better get his tubby tush in gear or we'll ship his ass back to the fat farm.

"See, Selig, if you're gonna let the NL bat their pitchers, then we're just gonna make outlandish personnell decisions. It'll be like a game of chicken, and we ain't about to swerve."

-Hank Steinbrenner

Don't forget to say "BING!!!" like Needlenose Ned whenever they call your name if for the interview. I find that future employers like that.

Hank's next move is to sign John Rocker

That blonde woman sprayed everyone with that bottle, then Tons-O-Fun proceeded to beat the shit out of her and take her money.

Please, please, please let him piss off Farnsworth

Did someone forget to tell Hank that Sidney Ponson has NEVER been good?

The entire Second Circuit just signed up for self-defense lessons.

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