Smilla Preempts Thrilla

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Smilla's+Sense+of+Snow.bmp.jpgLos Angeles's KCOP made a rather large mistake during yesterday's broadcast. You could even call it a snafu. Namely they cut away before Mark Ellis's walkoff king dong to show a movie called SMILLA'S SENSE OF SNOW.

At 5 p.m., just before the final pitch, Channel 13 went to a color bar, a black screen with a KCOP logo, a commercial, and then to the movie, which TV Guide described as a "thriller about a half-Inuit scientist (Julia Ormond) who becomes obsessed with the suspicious death of an Eskimo boy in Copenhagen."

In all fairness, this is THE definitive film about half-eskimo scientists with snowsense, but I'm sure there were some angry baseball fans in the greater OC. Smilla's next case should be to investigate how Chone Figgins got to the major leagues when he's constructed of cotton candy and glass.

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THE definitive film about snowsense?

What about Abbott & Costello Meet the Yeti (1934)?

This whole thing make snowsense

Snow kidding, they really did that?

Mr. Plow > Smilla

If people in California still cared about baseball after the 6th inning, this would have been a problem.

Anyone ever go to Rehab at the Hard Rock? It makes you not care that your team won with a walk-off grand slam.

I do not sniff the coke I only watch the sense-y "Smilla."

Factual errors: When Smilla's father is showing her the X-rays of the worms in the heart, he points out "what remains of the liver, lower esophagus...this is the heart...what's left of it". He is actually pointing to an upside-down X-ray of the upper abdomen and the "heart" is actually just bowel gas in the intestine.

So, there's that.

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