Some Jerk Made Milton Bradley Sad

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601bradleyorange.jpgThis story has kind of caught fire with the national media this morning and I'm feeling a little strongly about it. Milton Bradley was in the clubhouse last night and heard the Royals announcer, Ryan Lefebvre making some unkind remarks about him. Bradley didn't take it well.

Bradley left the clubhouse after the game and reached the press box but never talked to Lefebvre. General manager Jon Daniels and manager Ron Washington chased after Bradley, and Daniels escorted him back to the clubhouse.

Bradley then walked around with tears welling up and his voice breaking as he spoke.

"All I want to do is play baseball and make a better life for my kid than I had, that's it," Bradley said to a quiet clubhouse. "I love all you guys. ... I'm strong, but I'm not that strong."

Many players tried to console Bradley, who had his head down at his locker.

Bradley has never been a guy that keeps his emotions in check, sometimes to famously damaging degrees. I think he's pretty lucky that Daniels kept him from getting to the booth. I haven't been able to find any transcripts of what Lefebvre said, but this is him defending himself and his conversation.

Lefebvre said the comments were intended to praise Josh Hamilton, who missed nearly four years of professional baseball with cocaine and alcohol additions, rather than tear down Bradley.

"It was a conversation about how Josh Hamilton has turned his life around and has been accountable for his mistakes," Lefebvre told The Associated Press. "Right now, it seems like the baseball world and fans are rooting for him. ... It doesn't seem like Milton Bradley has done the same thing in his life."

Well then explain to me what exactly Milton Bradley has to do with Josh Hamilton's rehab? If you're not trying to bring down Bradley, please explain to me the negative correlation he has to a recovering heroin addict. Yeah, I can't possibly see how he'd take that the wrong way.

Excuse me if you will, for pulling The Card but Lefebvre, you should have just come out and said, "From my esteemed position as the announcer for one of the worst teams in sports I'd just like to say, whites > blacks." You sir are my idiot of the day.

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Bradley heard an out of context statement, flipped out, and most of the rest of the media haven't exactly gone out of their way to, you know, put the statement back into context (except, bizarrely, TWWL?!?). Bradley spent the first two games of the series taunting the fans and generally making a spectacle of himself. Here's Lefevbre's explanation:

"We weren't tearing up Milton Bradley. I told [Washington and Daniels] this wasn't a Milton Bradley rip session, but just based on the pictures we've seen in this series of him walking to the dugout all the way to right field, dropping his bat, making gestures to the fans in right field and above the dugout and taunting them. He's the only person in baseball I know that does that type of stuff."


But just as curiously, I can't find what he said anywhere. No one is reprinting it. If Bradley never hears it, this is never a story, but no one is going to attempt to see Bradley's side of this. The guy's a nutcase but until we get actual context... not what he told Washington and Daniels while fearing for his life... i'm going to try and see where he was coming from.

You're right; I missed most of the game (except for the part where the Rangers were destroying the Royals; that's the part I usually watch) and the offending comments as well. I've been misreading another part of the post-facto explanation as the actual transcript. I know it's out there -- Sam Mellinger's BallStar has a post claiming he's heard the audio, and found it offensive. I'll see what I can find.

I think Bradley is the wrong guy to open a vein for CTC. I don't know enough about Hamilton to judge him either way but Bradley is a world class a-hole. It's not a black or white thing at all.

they played the audio on a certain ESPN chat show this morning that I sometimes have on while getting ready for work. It was a total "what the fuck does that have to do with anything" moment.

What's being swung in that picture? A French baguette? A bottle of wine in a paper sack?

It's a baguette. The full size picture is exceptional.

Bradley may be a horse's ass but criticizing opposing players for their attitude problems off the field is not the job of a baseball announcer.


I'm glad (some of) you are (sort of) defending Milton. I can't find any transcripts either, but I have watched a lot of Rangers baseball and Milton has been nothing but a good teammate and a hell of a player so far this year. I was worried he would be a bad clubhouse guy but he seems to have put all that stuff behind him.

“Here’s a guy, with all the troubles he’s had, has shown that if you work at it, you can get your life back in order,” Lefevbre said on the telecast Wednesday, referring to Hamilton. “And that would be a pretty good role model for Milton Bradley, who clearly has no control over himself, because it’s the same thing year after year. This game, this country, really if you follow baseball, has really embraced Josh Hamilton. I think they’ve wanted to do the same with Milton Bradley, but Milton Bradley has refused to allow himself to be put in that position.”

From the column Whitlock dropped today:

And going almost three months without committing a tort doesn't make you a good teammate.

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