Spekulashun! Who Will Replace Chien Ming Wang?

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zoltar-1.jpgChien Ming Wang hurt his footsie on the basepaths this weekend and is out for about 10 weeks. It was only the second time since high school that he's had to run the bases. I get that he's a pitcher, and he's always had a DH rule where ever he's thrown but that still seems a little excessive. It's like driving for 8 years without turning left. The number of injuries this staff has endured over the past two seasons is reaching comical levels (well, unless you're a Yankee fan) and even the most dedicated "Stay the course" type Yanks fans are thinking about blowing the wad and getting a big name on the mound.

Our friend Tyler Kepner from the New York times piped up today with that glorious refrain not heard since the waning days of Spring Traning: CC Sabathia is a Tempting Choice. Tempting indeed. It's a testament to the "new culture" over in the Yanks front office that the idea has gone from a forgone conclusion to one of relatively measured debate. But you know what, screw it. I miss the old Yankees. I want wild speculation on other teams' players. I'll join Kepner. Here's my list:

  • CC Sabathia
  • Aaron Harang
  • Randy Johnson
  • Adam Vinatieri
  • J. Uggs Masheen
  • Paul Pierce

Who ya got?

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Three rights make a left!

I'll take Harang for $400, Alex.

It's like driving for 8 years without turning left.
He can't help the fact he's not an ambiturner

The best part about the Reds? They'll give up Harang AND a player of your choice for Kei Igawa, an unconditional 36th round pick, and a coupon for a Grand Slam at Denny's. Oh, and an autographed photo of Giambi's neck.


New York can frigging blow me. That a-hole Francesca mentioned that the Mets should "get" Grady Sizemore at least four times last week. Yeah, we're going to trade you the face of our franchise, a legit 5 tool center fielder, a young guy who is signed for several years. For what, your entire fucking roster? Same with CC. Cannot have. Not yours.

The only reason I want the Yanks to trade for CC is so Chief Wahoo can throw more feces at his radio.

Yankees trade for CC and I'll be like SuperMike on a meth bender.

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