Super Regionals: Good Baseball, Lousy Superhero Name

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omaha.jpgBack by popular demand* it's my look at the College Baseball Playoffs. Our original 64 team field has been whittled to 16. 8 different sites host these best of 3 series over the upcoming weekend.

Heeere are your matchups (national seeding in parentheses):

  • Arizona vs. (1)Miami: 6/7-6/9, Coral Gables, FL

  • Coastal Carolina vs. (2)UNC: 6/7-6/9, Cary, NC

  • Fresno St. vs. (3)Arizona St.: 6/7-6/9, Tempe, AZ

  • Wichita St. vs. (4)The Seminoles of Florida State University: 6/6-6/8, Picturesque Tallahassee, FL, former home of Camp Tiger Claw

  • Stanford vs. (5)Cal State Fullerton: 6/6-6/8, Fullerton CA

  • Texas A&M vs. (6)Rice: 6/7-6/9, Houston, TX

  • UC Irvine vs. (7)LSU: 6/7-6/9, Baton Rouge, LA

  • NC State vs. (8)Georgia: 6/6-6/8, Athens, GA

Who ya got?

*no one requested this or as far as I can tell even read the last one

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Which team has future Yankees on it? I'll take that one.

Rob, the A's, Twins and Royals aren't in the College World Series.

+1 Mr. Hammer.

I will take Georgia, formerly the home of Mr. _T

My folks live outside Tallahassee - I rebuke your statement of "picturesque" unless one is taking pictures of strip malls and Waffle House.

I stand by my choice of Rice.

LSU and Georgia.

/SEC homer

@Jerkwheat -
Rice to win their series or was that your Waffle House order?

Stanford. It's near my place and my future dad-in-law takes me golfing there.

I'm a Rice alum so all I can say is: Peck 'em Owls.

I got the Rice Owls all the way.

Where did all this Rice support come from?

Commodities are hot right now, corn, rice, etc.

Well then I support Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate University.

@Iracane - they are not seeded, right?

/fruit joke

You gotta love the OJU White Broncos.

F-L-O-R-I-D-A...S-T-A-T...WHAT!?!...What do you mean they lost already? The Super Regionals don't start until Friday. Oh yeah....I forgot it's the post season.

Well, there's always football.


well, I guess I have to take my grad school: A&M.

I will cheer for any team from the Big Te.... ah never mind

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