The Baseball Project: Jangly Guitar Pop About Curt Flood

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In the past couple weeks I've had the pleasure of seeing REM twice. While there's been hemming and hawing about the band since Bill Berry left, one super solid addition to the lineup has been guitarist Scott McCaughey. Most notably of Young Fresh Fellows he's a long time Peter Buck associate, having played with him on the Minus 5 records.

As a fan of both McCaughey and a writer at this here stickball website, you can imagine my excitement when I read about his new work, The Baseball Project. He and Steve Wynn (who I also dig) of Dream Syndicate, have gotten together and made a record on Yep Roc with 14 songs about baseball. Killer. You can stream it here.

They've got that head bobbing Rickenbacker strum rolling in and out of tracks like the terribly catchy "Ted Fucking Williams." "Broken Man" is a defense of the juicing player just trying to keep up. "Harvey Haddix" is a plea for recognition of his perfect game, featuring all 17 other guys to have pitched one. There's just something that feels right about the hearing the name "Dennis Martinez" being sung.

Below is their recent performance of "Past Time" on Letterman. The BV article was unclear on whether or not Buck is a full-time band member but he's certainly playing bass (!) here. Enjoy and check out the full stream if you get a chance.

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For my money, it doesn't get any better than "Shiny Happy People."

In the past couple weeks I've had the pleasure of seeing REM twice

Oh why don't you just POUR MORE SALT ON THE WOUND

Mike Mills....squeee!

Yeah... give it a rest, CTC.
Some of us had to miss the local REM show because it was one of our kids birthdays.

Michael Stipe
Despite the hype
We still wanna suck on
Your big long pipe

-Painted on Butthole Surfers van when they lived acoss the street from REM in Austin

Well I was gonna make these guys YMR one day this week, given my propensity for being a jangly son of a bitch...

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