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omahastar.JPGThe Regionals were good and the Super Regionals were super, but now it's time for the dance. Hike up your stirrups and make enough room in your shitty car for that keg... we're going to Omaha! Below, your opening matchups.

  • Fresno State vs. Rice: Fresno State is as close to a Cinderella as we have this year. They entered the postseason unranked and had to win two elimination games vs. #3 ASU in the super regionals. They're not even the most popular FSU in the Series. Rice has the best overall bullpen in the series and won this thing in 2003.

  • Miami vs. Georgia: Miami has been the #1 team in the country almost wire to wire. While talent is certainly on their side, history may not be. Since the field expanded to 64 teams, only one #1 seed has won it all... the 1999 Miami Hurricanes. Georgia is lead by first round draft pick, SS Gordon Beckham. They're capable of scoring runs in bunches, and also have the country's best closer, Josh Fields.

  • LSU vs. UNC: LSU had won 23 straight games before dropping one Super Regional tilt to UC-Irvine and are as hot as any team in the country. They're led by OF Blake Dean and shutdown releiver Louis Coleman. If things don't work out for Coleman he can always be a 1950s bebop musician. UNC had the easiest time in Super Regional. They swept Coastal Carolina by a combined 26-4. This is their third straight trip to Omaha having lost in the finals the past two seasons. They are not coached by Jim Kelly.

  • The Seminoles of Florida State University vs. Stanford: I HATE NERDS, GO NOLES.

Who ya got?

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I still got Rice in spite of my need to switch over to ESS EE SEE SP33D

Glory Glory to Ole Georgia!

If Georgia beats Rice in the finals I win my office pool!

Players of note who went to Stanford:

1. Jed Lowrie

that is all.

There are office pools for the College World Series?

Omaha Somewhere in middle America
Get right to the heart of matters
It's the heart that matters more
I think you better turn your ticket in
And get your money back at the door

Georgia > NC State > South Carolina

So, hunker down ya hairy Dawgs.

@ Farhammer: The brackets are a real bitch to fill out. I think there are super-delegates involved.

The CWS always delivers. Plus, you can hold out hope that you'll be watching when Mike Patrick comes down with heat stroke--happens every year.


I have some friends who went to Rice so I've always rooted for them in the Chicago White Sox.

Wow, I learn new things every day. Next you'll tell me that people watch Hockey.

And Jiegel, I have no idea what you mean but I agree.

I'm going for LSU strictly for their centerfielder's bonkers fucking catch against UC-Irvine.

I've got $40 on the Astros.

I have no choice but to be a homer in this one - Rice Owls all the way. Nerdpower!

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