The Eric Patterson Watch

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littlebrosshirt_LG.jpgAlfonso Soriano's untimely injury led the cubs to call up two outfielders from AAA Iowa but only one get s heaping spoonful of WoW love. You may recognize the last name:

Eric Patterson.

Yes, Eric the younger brother of Corey, started for the Cubs today. As of press time in the bottom of the 7th inning he was 1-3 and had grounded into one double play. He's hitting leadoff just like his big brother!

Viva El Pattersones!

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I heard Eric has a picture of Frank Stallone hanging in his locker.

As far as black sheep brothers go, I was always a fan of Joey Travolta, after he simulated sex with Anna Nicole Smith in To The Limit. Fun Fact from To The Limit's IMDB page:

Factual errors: A compact disc (CD) cannot lodge into someone's skull, particularly when being thrown at point-blank.

Holy crap do the Rockies suck.

I guess you guys aren't as in to Eric as you are Corey, huh? Duly noted.

Corey Patterson is leading off today too. It's the first time in baseball history that two people who were so ill-suited to lead off for a baseball team were actually related.

heaping spoonful of WoW love

Do not want.

Having dutifully Google Image'd Patterson The Younger, I am all in favor of the EPW. O AN HE SEXY

Ken Macha batting Jason Kendall leadoff or 3rd in 2006 was a bigger offense than the Patterson Bros. leading off.

All Harrison High School grads are sexy

EP is now 1-5.

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