The Saturday Late Afternoon Post

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I'm totally out of the loop so why bother explaining what happened in baseball yesterday when all I know is that Derek Jeter hit the game-winning tater tot in Houston last night. So, go read the recaps yourself if you're still interested.

Onto today! Put on your happy faces and turn on FOX. You're either getting the Reds-Red Sox game (featuring superstar hurler Edinson Volquez), the Phillies-Cardinals romp (starring the rejuvenated Kyle Lohse) or the Dodgers-Tigers matchup (with the major league debut of Detroit starter Eddie Bonine). It's a win-win situation! Except for the two teams that lose!

CTC went to the REM concert last night in Boston and emailed me the setlist; I'm dragging my girlfriend to the REM concert at Jones Beach later tonight. Enjoy your Saturday evenings, y'all.

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Decided against going to the a's/gints game tonight and instead opted to golf all day and get wasted with newcastle and pacifico and watch the best pitching duel possible on tv. Cain (who is kind of sucking but owns the A's) vs. Harden.

Aaaaaaand 1-0 in the first, A's.

I was at the Giants/A's game. Freakin' cold must have made Molina play like dog dung. Two pass balls for runs!

You ladies should have had a mini pants party.

mini pants party
hmm...well the SF Pride Parade is coming up. Might as well break out the short shorts now.

Iracane, I thought it was the ladies responsibility to drag the guys to see REM. You're doing it backwards.



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