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After losing 12 straight last month the Royals beat the Cards and have now won 11 of 12... Yankees and Mets split the crosstown doubleheader, are just as mediocre as they were to start the day... Joe Mauer's tater tot leads the Twins over Brewers, Twins win streak reaches double digits... Dice-K and JD bring some sauce to Houston and Sox top Astros... Pittsburgh is no help as usual, they fall to Tampa 10-5... A's and Dodgers both superior to their Bayway/Freeway rivals... Jair Jurrens tosses a gem worthy of the '92, Braves cockpunch the Blue Jays... Jorge Cantu stops hitting significant others to drive in 2, Fish beat Snakes... Home team holds serve in Chicago, White Sox trounce Cubs... Tigers steamroll God Squad with 7 runs on 15 hits... C.C. spins gem, Tribe pwnerz Reds


Fox is splitting the Chicago and New York series' like Solomon dividing a baby. If you're not a fan of any of the teams, just hope you get the game without Buck and McCarver. Also, today is my turn to check out the Baseball As America exhibit here at the MOS in Boston.


I'll have an eye on those two win streaks in the AL Central, The Lincecum/Duchscherer matchup and the tightening race in the NL West.

Enjoy the day and stop by to say hi to your buddies. As always, drunk/nonsensical weekend comments are kind of your duty as a WoWie.

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CTC, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the exhibit. I've been thinking about going, but it's a pain in the ass because I had to move out to the 'burbs for my job a few months ago; now any trip to the city means gas gouging and parking pancreatitis.

Speaking of gas, anyone's area over $4.50/gallon yet? I get to pay a little bit more than that. Awesome.

I will be at the game tonight. I expect a Lincecum/Duke matchup to last about 90 minutes, so I'll post lots of hilarious drunk commentary.

I am going to name my first born Jair.


I'll meet you back here in a few hours with a review.

Ok so here's my take. I enjoyed all of the memorabilia in the exhibit. Every couple of minutes, no atter your relationship to the game or what team you like there's something that will make you go "wow." I thought the layout was a little less than intuitive and I felt like some of the claims were dubious.

At the beginning of the the thing there a video where the narrator reads a quote (I wish I could remember who it was from) that says baseball is second only to religion in it's impact on the culture of the country, hence "Baseball As America." Obviously this is an unquantifiable claim but it's one I have no probems with... as long as they stuck to it. In the very intriguing section where the game "confronts" it's exclusionary and sometimes racist history it's presented in such a way that it comes across as "Yes. We were racist, but it's because America was." That takes a little away from the game being a driver of the culture.

Anyway Arman, as far as whether or not you should come see it, it depends on just how big a pain in the ass it is for you to get to the city. MOS admission isn't cheap ($17) so I guess it's a matter of finance. It's certainly not "unmissable," but I recommend it to anyone that has easy access when it comes to your town.

ALL THAT being said, more than anything it just made me want to go back to the Hall Of Fame. Badly.

I really liked the Baseball As America thing when it was in Philly. I was in awe, basically, and didn't have a problem with the way they tackled racism. What would you have them do, CTC? Show pictures of Ty Cobb beating up black folks and have a big red line through the picture? The curators aren't trying to be apologists; I think they were just presenting the history through artifacts. Plus, they had the San Diego chicken costume.

Arman, get yourself to Boston and see that exhibit. If you don't like it, Camp Tiger Claw will be glad to refund your money.

When I was there I actually said that "the Chicken is worth the price of admission." Also, to reiterate I just kind of felt like the way they went after the 'cism issue was a little contradictory. It's certainly better than the way it would have been treated even 10 or 12 years ago.

Furthermore Iracane, if you keep telling people that I will give them $17 I'm going to land a haymaker right on your sternum.

@ Rob & CTC

Hmm... that actually sounds pretty good. I'll most likely go, then. It's not a big pain in the ass for me to get into the city; I'm only in Framingham. I just hate to have to leave here because there is so much culture and intellectual stimulation in our many, many strip malls.

As far as the racism issue goes, yes, an honest portrayal of racism would be good but much like the exhibit says "Yes, we were racist, but it's because America was," I think it can also say, "Yes, we're dodging the race issue, but only because the rest of America does." I mean, until there is full accountability for the cancellation of "In Living Color," this country can never put to rest its bigoted past.

Still looks weird to see Loretta playing against the Sox.

I always liked Loretta.

KC and Minny both on the ropes.

Angels lose after giving up no hits. Whoops.

Fuck me. I go to a 2 hour game where Duke throws 8 innings of 2-hit ball, and gets 1 bullshit ER (shoulda been unER)...and we lose because our 3rd base coach DiFrancesca has the balls of a 4 day old tadpole. Good Ol' Washington would have sent the runners and then slapped his BBC on Lincecum's chin.

Fatman Carlos Silva won for the first time in 13 starts for the M's, who climb within 17 1/2 games of first in the AL West. Wheeee!

hey, Giants beat the A's! Happy birthday to me!

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