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i-278_eb_exit_030_15.jpgHey, it's your AL East Gloat Post. The Red Sox and Yanks won by a combined score of 20-0 today. How does this east coast bias taste? Does it taste delicious? I think it's wholly satisfying.

We'll have an entire recap of the weekend in interleague for you tomorrow. Tonight on ESPN it's the Braves at Angels. Jorge Campillo takes on Joe Saunders as Atlanta tries to open the broom closet. Please leave your guesses in the comments for which record Jon Miller is contractually obligated to promote.

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Good work calling the Yanks game while it's still in the ninth inning.


I'd like to thank Joe Morgan for explaining that having 20 hits in 100 AB increases your average 20 points.

Tastes like it needs more mention of an Oakland A's sweep. Touch it.


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