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televangelist2.jpg SOME OF LAST NIGHT:

Dodgers 1, Angels 0: Jered Weaver may be the unluckiest boy in California as he's given the heave-ho in favor of a pinch hitter after six no-hit innings against the Dodgers. Weaver and reliever Jose Arrendondo combined for an eight-inning no-hitter. Had Weaver stayed in the game for the eight innings and allowed no hits, he still wouldn't have been invited to the year-end No-Hitter Luncheon; it ain't official unless it goes nine. Stupid Angels offense ruining history.

Diamondbacks 6, Marlins 2: Brandon Webb finally got back on the party train, winning his 12th game of the season and his first since June 6th. Fella struck out eight Marlins and punished one water bottle after being removed in the seventh inning by hurling it into a trash can. Now that's some John McCain-style passion that they like down in Arizoner! Rarrrghh!


Yankees at Mets: It's your TBS game of the day and it's on at 1PM.

Cubs at White Sox: It's your ESPN game of the night and it's on at 8PM.

Please to enjoy.

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I forgot to tell you yesterday, CTC: If you're going to punch Iracane in the sternum, do so in an upward motion.

Also, give me my $17.

Skyline Chili is massively overrated.

Swaggart's just sad because a hooker had promised him a free blowjob if the Angels threw a no-hitter.

And by hooker I mean YOUR MOM.

If I was scoring the game I woulda scored Weaver's error a hit. But I wouldn't have taken him out for a pinch hitter.

And this is the funniest thing I've read all morning:

Saw WALL-E last night and it was beautiful and wonderfully entertaining. It's the must-see picture of the summer, at least until Dark Knight comes out.

Skyline chili is nowhere near as overrated as Mark Shapiro.

Bartolo Colon in a walk year and Tim Drew for Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore, Brandon Phillips and Lee Stevens.

Kevin Brown. Carl Pavano. Kei Igawa. Ed Yarnall. Jaret Wright. Javier Vazquez. Jose Contreras. Al Leiter. Clemens Pt.2. Randy Johnson. Wilson Betemit. Kyle Farnsworth. Latroy Hawkins.

Jake Westbrook and Travis Hafner and not giving CC an extension two years ago.

Westbrook has been a decent pitcher for the money. Hafner's decline was precipitous and unforseeable. CC would have been smart to sign earlier, yes.

I can't even remember the name of the Japanese "fat toad".

Wall-E did 62.5 this weekend, not too shabby.

I totally foresaw Hafner's decline when I stuck seven 10 inch needles into my Travis Hafner voodoo doll two seasons ago. Whoops!

I saw Wanted Great popcorn flick. Very entertaining.

And they dropped a "Boom goes the dynamite" in the flick

Rob, I took my girls to Wall-E yesterday and it was terrific. Visually, the movie is nothing short of astounding, particularly the first act, which is largely human-free. As always with Pixar movies, the story is solid (the environmental message is over-the-top without feeling preachy). In addition, the short that played before the feature was absolutely hilarious. My girls are five and seven and they are still imitating the rabbit motioning for the carrot. Every Pixar movie is incredibly well-done, but this one feels like a classic.

Oh yeah? Well I saw Terminator 2 last night on A&E.

Andy Hawkins thinks Jered Weaver is a bitch

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