The Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch: Tuesday, June 10th

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linkpunch gorillaSometimes people write better than us. Each Tuesday and Thursday WoW gives you our favorite baseball links we've come across.

  • Adam Rubin gets to the heart of the matter with the Mets organization and lays the blame directly on Omar Minaya. I agree; Willie Randolph has been handed a team with a farm system in shambles. NY Daily News.

  • The Brewers are going to be ponying up almost $100 in free giveaways per game to fans! All they want in return is a 30,000 person focus group on how to make the bullpen not suck so much. Here's a hint: have Gagne murdered. Brewers Blog.

  • Joe Posnanski pens the best and most succinctly amazing piece about Junior Griffey. JoeBlog.

  • Meech thinks that Adam Eaton cannot dress himself properly. I disagree. He dresses fine for someone with an IQ of 40. The Fightins'.

  • Enrico wants a Schmitter. Bad. The 700 Level.

  • Derek Jacques questions the sanity of the headline writers at If that iPhone thing works out, I will never question anything does. The Weblog that Derek Built.

  • Ronny Paulino is persona non gratis among the Pirates pitching staff. Also persona non gratis among the Pirates pitching staff is anyone with pitching talent. Bucs Dugout.

  • Go listen to the new Hold Steady album. Commenter Taco Time for Mom & Dad implores you. Brooklyn Vegan.

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I AM alred shakin my sweetass. I love theholdsteady.

this is gonan be my fave record of summer and hopefully my GF will come BACK CAUSE SHE RAN AWAY WITH SOME

GUY SHE FUCKIED in a quizno bathroom.**then summer will be awesome**

Brooklyn Vegan commenters are awesome.

I only listen to them West Coast Smobbin Beats, like E-40 Fonzarelli and Andre Nickatina.

/typical white suburbanite who thought he was hard in high school


I bet Taco Time is handsome.

I am glad the Brewers are starting their "fan first" weekend on a weekend where most of the fans there will be Twins fans. I think they should do the next one when the Cubs are in town.

Nobody noticed I had May 15th as the date?

And it said Thursday instead of Tuesday.

Y'uns gotta speak up.

Ronny Paulino is persona non gratis, and yet Sidney Ponson just ate two pans of potatoes au gratin.

No matter who touched whom, no matter whether it involved tacos or submarine sandwiches, the Hold Steady album is certifiably rad.

Y'uns, Iracane? We may be mostly retarded but that doesn't mean we're from Pittsburgh.

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