Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, when you're done eating buttermilk solids, tune in to find out:

  • CAN Rich Harden stay healthy and dominant for a fourth consecutive outing when he takes on the Tigers?

  • HAVE you been paying attention to Carlos Zambrano's breakout year? Check him out tonight against San Diego.

  • WILL the O's salvage tonight's game and keep Boston's brooms in the closet?

  • WHY do they call it Ovaltine? The jar is round and the mug is round.

  • IF the Mets stay hot against the lackluster Giants, how stupid are the Fire Willie people going to feel?

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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I don't know where Lackluster is but I hope their Giants win tonight!

You just shattered Rich Harden's eardrum and gave him SARS by typing that statement.

Because Roundtine sounds stupid?

Why is his last name Harden when it should be Soften.

IS Jake pissed he's not going to Game 5 tonight?

Will phillas see a leprechaun at the Giants/Mets game tonight? (Irish night at the park)


After the game, go to O'Reilly's and onsist on an Irish Car Bomb. They LOVE it when you call it by that name.

Chase Utley is made of magic. Tater dong #21.

Kevin Millar is annoying. 2-0 O's.

Youtube comment of the fortnight:
This makes me sick to my stomach. Both the pitcher and catcher should be thrown in jail for assault. It was so blantantly obvious their intent was to seriously harm the umpire over some balls and strikes calls, which is complete BS. It's a game MORONS. I hate classless punks that take the game way more seriously than it really is. Maybe they can think about that when they spend their lives behind bars.

I just sent that guy a Deadspin invite, Matt. BRILLIANT DEDUCING ON HIS PART

Jay Bruce dialed long distance again. Sheesh.

Casey "Big Balls" Blake may or may not have two home runs in three innings, and he may or may not make history by hitting three more tonight. Which would be hilariously awesome.

Jay Bruce dialed long distance again. Sheesh.

I hope he dialed down the center, 1-800-CALL-ATT.

I think he called COLLECT. Eva Savealot is impressed.

I hope Joe Mauer gets sideburn crabs.

Erin Esurance > Eva Savealot.

In other news, I love being an A's fan in the Bay Area. I swear at least 80 games aren't televised this year.



He also lost a step when he exchanged herpes with Jessica Alba.

Erin Esurance is a cartoon and has nothing to do with long-distance phone service... yet I can't disagree.

Smoltz is back. And in for the save.

oh jesus christ. blown save.

Oh fuck that ruins everything I just wrote.

Wheeeee Gregg blows a save too. Extras

2 run walk off tater tot for Escobar. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Matt T's emotional rollercoaster worries me. Someone get him some Xanex.

18,000+ views for the Ump video.

That's already gotten more views than Ron Coomer's sex tape.

Oliver Perez is getting his asshole torn apart by the Giants. Six runs in just 1/3 of an inning.

Well slap me silly, 'cause Prince Fielder stole a base tonight. I'll wager he just doubled his career total.

Tonight's best game seems to be on ice, eh?

The fact that the A's scored even 1 run off of Rogers is amazing. Someone check his record at the Coliseum. It's something like 203-2.

In 45 career starts (56 total appearances) against the A's at the Coliseum, he's 25-4 with a 3.46 ERA. Not too shabby.

Well actually that's his record just @ the Coliseum. Some of those numbers probably came with the A's.

How long until Zambrano is double-switched into left field when he runs out of gas in his starts?

Rogers earned most of those with the A's, I think. BUt once he left he kept going. Then he pine tarred us in the 2006 ALCS.

Bobby Crosby just made my dick move.

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