Tonight's Questions

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jobanips.jpgHey kids, do not press the red button.

  • HOW will I ever unsee this picture of Joba's nipple rings?

  • WHICH very early Cy Young candidate turns in the better performance? Cliff Lee or Edinson Volquez?

  • WHAT should I have for dinner?

  • Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Or at least the answer to the second one. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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That's gross. At least we didn't get a crotch shot and see his Prince Albert.

That's hideous.

And, curry.

White Sox win again, completing a 4 game sweep vs. the lowly Twinks. 6 1/2 games up.

Long way off, but if the Sox get into the playoffs, their rotation and bullpen will be tough to beat.

You should have fried chicken dipped in honey that's been slightly dusted with cayenne. I call it the sweet and spicy cluckerfucker.

You should have a can of duck for dinner.

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