Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpg Hey kids, when you're done listening to "Evil Urges", tune in to find out:

  • ARE the White Sox going to get homesick, or keep the good times rolling on the road?

  • DOES it seem like the best series are always in the NL East? Phils/Marlins is the one that interests me now.

  • CAN the Angels bounce back from the last night's absolute shelacking against the Rays?

  • Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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WHY does Boston have all the fun?

Bring on the Twins! I only wish they still had Santana, considering the way we used to own his ass.

If Boston has all the fun, then why are all those fucksticks living out here in CA?

/FMRA and CTC are cool

FMRA and CTC are cool but Jiegel is a wanker? IS THAT WHAT YOU'RE IMPLYING FARTHAMMER

Until Jiegel sends me illicit photos of Rich Harden and Stomper, like CTC and FMRA did, then he is suspect.

You heard the man, Jiegs. Pony up.


Yankees-A's right now, Farthammer. You wanna wager?

Holy fucking shit Jerry Crawford got hurt again.

Sorry; I was meeting with a potential dj for my upcoming nuptials.

Down 2-1 in the 5th? I'll still wager on both the game and the series. Name your price.

NAME IT!!!!!!!

If the A's win, you have to get rid of Jack Cust's double-play inducing relapse into polio.

I want to say something extremely derogatory towards Kurt Suzuki right now.

I also want to say something derogatory towards the recurring bullshit Yankee Contigency in Oakland. Wang had a great night; sure. But he got damn near a standing O when he came out. Sometimes I wish we had more Raider fans in the Coliseum when the A's played.

Because they stab other fans, you see.

Ignore anything I said about wagering on tonight's game.

Farthammer, you'd be surprised how good Stomper looks when he wears the lingerie he stole from Jamie Kotsay...

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