Tonight's Questions

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piggie.jpg Hey kids, what the hell was that noise?

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers, same WoW time. Same WoW channel.

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Your pig friend would be happy to watch TV with you. No force required!

My fiance and I already decided that instead of a dog, we are getting a mini-pig. We have researched it heavily and will make a purchase in 1-1.5 years.

They are way smarter than dogs, and when they die you can eat them.

If you make Bartolo Colon wear galoshes, would he be more willing to run around outside and play ball?

Wahoo, I will view that when I get home. Flickr is blocked at work.


The pig or the fiancee?

Oh come on. You could eat your dog when it dies, too.

freetzy = Cha Seung Baek

I solved the mystery.


I haven't decided yet. Depends on how many more "headaches" the fiance gets.

Cubs win on walkoff hit-by-pitch on Reed Johnson. Sad. Shoulda been a WoW shrimp moment.

Braves lose after a walk off HBP. Assholes couldnt even give us the shrimp video.

What do I get on a treadmill for a walk-off HBP?


We really need a consolation video for walkoff HBP's. Maybe a scorpion on a treadmill?

My vote for consolation video nominee...

Here's my video suggestion:

Mainly because I spent a lot of time perfecting the dance moves, which I can now mirror perfectly.

I fucking told you, C-Gon is the truth.

Mark Ellis is my favorite A.

Fucking A's.

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