Tonight's Questions

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phony.jpgHey kids, a dog ate my cat but a bear ate the dog.

  • WILL tonight's unofficial WoW Pants Party (starring myself, Rob and that fine looking gentleman to your left, Phony Gwynn) be the crowning moment of Yankee Stadium's final season?

  • WILL Rob and I get along? We've never actually met.

  • IS the A's/Snakes game playing in your area? Webb vs. Duchscherer should be stellar.

  • CAN Scott Kazmir lead the Rays over their old skipper and put more pressure on the Red Sox? He takes on Ryan Dempster in another good matchup.

  • WHO gets back to .500: the Braves or the Rangers?

  • DOESN'T it feel like the Rangers are always one game below .500?

  • HOW will the Mets fair against the Angels without their Willie? Johan Santana takes on John Lackey.

  • CAN the Tigers bounce back and start another winning streak?

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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missing dentures?

How many beers will be consumed between the three of you?

You guys are lucky, you get to see the last actual professional starter on the Yankees roster.

1 suggestion for the "Pants Party"

Depend Undergarments "the protection against incontinence"

Sorry, ladies - I'm all spoken for.


I am going to watch every second of Webb/Duke. I'll be posting hilarious and insightful commentary all evening long; except for a few Jeopardy! breaks.

Then, after the din and glamor of "The Stadium" my home will be open to all for the end of the basketball season.


Its so nice to see bloggers getting out of their mother's basements

You'll be fine with Rob. Just remember to make yourself look big and make lots of noise if he gets agitated. And DO NOT taunt him.

The game is fun.

"The game is fun" is all you got for us? That sounds like Bob Uecker's color guy Marty in Major League 2: "Fly ball... caught."

Good god Vincente Padilla is an ugly man

Just broke into the bronx zoo and stole a wallaby

I have a feeling those 2 runs may be all we get off of Webb.

Also, apparently Orlando Hudson and Kurt Suzuki are homies?

Take it back; Mark Ellis dingdong.

Mark Ellis is on both of my fantasy teams and in three of my worst nightmares.

Mark Ellis is the Best Player In Baseball (BPIB) and has an enormous uncircumsized cock.

Chavy jack 7-0.

Suzuki jack 8-0

You just made Emil Brown cry.

I thought Cust was the only Jack y'all had.

We also employ Cracker and Hit The Road.

Celtics wooooooooooooooooooooooo

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