Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpg Hey kids, don't let anyone tell you that you can't eat crayons. You're your own person.

There's a ton of other good games tonight, so let me have it in the comments for missing them. Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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I think the Angels score at least six runs.

I'm less concerned about tonight's games and more curious about whether or not we get another "true confessions" admission from Farthammer.

hey Chief, want a gentlemen's wager on the Giants/Indians series? We gotta make it interesting somehow since CTC ain't gonna write about it.

What are the odds Omar Vizquel gets boo'd by the Cleveland fans tonight? You know, just because.

Any of my fellow New England Assholes watching the Remy Day ceremonies? Good stuff.


Admittedly, I'm only listening to the M's broadcast while still at work, but I think Jerry Manuel just belly-bumped an umpire. I'm disappointed at the lack of cutlery.

Is ATL's defense always this bad? It can't be overall but jeez they look shitty. Not that I mind.

They're right in the middle in the MLB with a .984 fielding percentage. Same as Red Sox, White Sox and Orioles.

Matt would have a better idea of exactly how damaging it's been to them this year.

most errors in a game is the Braves aren't close. Man I thought it would be 6 or 7.

@GorgeForman*, I like that tag. "True Confessions"

This superhot delivery girl came to my door right after I got out of the shower. My fiance thought she was sexy, so she invited her in. I never thought this would happen to me, but....

Torres had to give up one huh? Fuck

Fuck and A.


That one smarts. Sorry dude.

I guess it seemed I was Braves fan maybe. Go Brewers! 9 over .500 snitches.

4 errors happens when your SS gets thrown out and when the guy playing 3rd only has 10 starts there.

Stupid Sexy Solomon Torres

14-1 Blue Jays.



Bronson just pitched the worst game in baseball history. I think his uniform should go into Cooperstown for this one.

Philas, just saw your post. Good game last night, I really thought we might pull it out. I can't believe how good Omar still is.

yeah, that old fucker can still shake a leg.

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