Tonight's Questions

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uecker.jpgHey kids, that was a hell of a day on the internet, wasn't it?

  • WILL the Yankees survive staying in the same Pittsburgh hotel as the Furry Convention?

  • WILL I survive getting way sauced and seeing The Hold Steady for the eleventy billionth time?

  • WHAT baseball game are you going to watch tonight? I'm too exhausted to pick out some good ones.

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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It's almost as if Matt Cain versus Cliff Lee doesn't matter in your narrow baseball universe!

Didn't Cain used to be awesome?

Bow before the mighty Cliff Lee. Tonight we begin our climb out of the basement. Really.

Lost in fog and love and faith was fear;
I've had kisses that make JP seem sincere

@ Rob/CTC

Just wanted you guys to know that, thanks to you, my brother and I have uttered the phrase "a fit of Byzantine whimsy" about 4,000 times in the last week. My wife could not be more irritated with me.

The Hold Steady is dead to me.

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