Umpire Face Beaning Update: The Consequences Of Folly

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folly.jpgThe plot has thickened in this umpire face beaning incident. Yesterday we told you about the fines levied on Stephens County High School. But, now you know this story has taken on national significance because some moron is using the opportunity to be self-righteous and garner publicity! From the AJC:

Matt Hill, the Stephens County High School catcher accused of intentionally letting a pitch hit an umpire last week, won't be playing baseball at Gordon College as a result.

Gordon baseball coach Travis McClanahan said today he spoke with Hill on Wednesday and withdrew an invitation for Hill to be walk on with the team next season.

Way to lay down the law there, Travis! It takes a lot of cajones to stand up and not let a kid tryout for the team. It's not like you're pulling a scholarship away from a highly recruited player or anything, but I'm sure you'd muster the same righteous indignation. We're not supporting what Hill did, but this public declaration of piety from Gordon College just reeks.

And here's another interesting quote from the article that got your WoW editors thinking a bit (emphasis ours):

Friend said he talked with McClanahan and Gordon College president Lawrence Weill in hopes of changing their minds.

"The incident is so totally out of character for this kid, but the penalty has taken away his chance to play baseball for the college of his choice," Friend said. "It bothers the family that this one pitch has taken on a life of itself and overshadowed other aspects of people's lives and that family unit. I don't think anyone ever imagined that this was going to get on MSNBC and have 82,000 hits on YouTube.I know that the family is very low-key, humble group of people, and it's been very hard on them."

We'd be remiss not bringing up the fact that we were the first to post this video to YouTube, and the first blog to run with the story after reading the blurb about the incident in the AJC. It struck us as odd, noteworthy and more than a little funny. Yes, I'm sure the family is a little shocked that it's spread the way it did, we are too. But, Hill family? Your son ducked so an umpire could get drilled in the face with a fastball. Sorry for not being able to muster up any more sympathy than we already have.

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Who really wants to go to a college to learn how to make frozen fish sticks anyways?

With a name like Gordon College, shouldn't it be in Canada?

How long until "Wizard Catcher" photos appear to decry your heartless stance to this kid's future?

omg... how it can be..

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