Umpire Face Beaning Update

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Hick.jpgFrom the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

The Georgia High School Association fined Stephens County $1,000 and placed the athletics program on "severe warning status" Wednesday for an incident that happened in Saturday's Class AAA state championship baseball game.

So the GHSA got to the bottom of it and found the rumors and video evidence damning enough. Ethan Martin strikes out and bitches at the ump. His brother is on the mound in the next inning and conspires with the catcher to drill ump in face. No longer "allegedly" I guess. Ethan Martin was recently named the Georgia High School Player Of The Year which puts him high in the mix nationally. He'll probably forget all about this by the time he gets drafted tomorrow. Justice is served! One last quote from Stephens County Principal David Friend:

"If there's one player I felt bad about, it's our kid [the catcher, Hill] being judged by one pitch because he's really done so much good in the way he's represented his team and school in the classroom,'' Friend said. "I feel bad for his family. This has been devastating for them."


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Also named Georgia High School player of the year? Corey Patterson. So Ethan has that going for him. Which is nice.

Frank Thomas played High School and college ball in the Peach state, so perhaps young Ethan can look forward to getting hastily cut by the Blue Jays 22 years from now.

For that catcher having his principal standing behind him, it really shows who is his truest Friend.

Everyone stands behind him. Till he ducks.

He is not only your PrinciPAL, he is your PrinciFRIEND

It's not a good year to be named the tops in Georgia high school sports. (Note: shameless link to ancient article.)

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