Walkoff Walk Field Trip Extravaganza

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School Bus - Cartoon 7.gifPadres fans, how do you live like this? Well, I got some answers to that question last night in the Bronx. After my mom signed my permission slip I was on my way to Yankee Stadium for my first ever Walkoff Walk Field Trip Extravaganza. I even got to meet Rob's dad. I think things may be moving a little fast.

Pre-game, I went to the concession stand and ordered Cheese Fries and a Yuengling. The lady asked me if I "wanted a jumbo." I thought she was talking about the beer so I said "Shit, yes." It turns out she was talking about the cheese fries and I was handed giant tub containing well over a cubic yard of potatoes and 3 pints of cheese sauce. My Yuengling was a lousy pour with nearly an inch of empty cup space. I asked the lady to top me off and she explained it was from a bottle. The total was $17. I ate all of the fries.

Our seats just below the right field porch afforded us a great view of Andy Pettitte's masterful start. He was throwing hard, picking his spots and even picked a guy off at first. It was vintage stuff right down to his hick accent that made it so I couldn't understand anything he said on the Jumbotron. Melky Cabrera made one of the best catches I've ever seen in person. Jason Giambi and A-Rod both went yard. This was all before the 4th.

In the Fourth we went to see Phony Gwynn and his girlfriend. He was in section 19 which is the top tier, in row X which is the last row. The birds eye view gave us a stellar look at the housing projects of the Bronx. I could almost see the children getting sick and having their health care taken away. The wheels came off the Padres wagon almost as soon as we got up there. With Phony's head in his hands, San Diego replacement 2nd basemen Craig Stansberry made two errors. To be fair, he's the first Saudi born player in the MLB so maybe they just caught him praying to Mecca. Also, Giambi went yard again. I told y'all Mustache Power is real.

Chase Headley made his MLB debut for the Padres, so if he makes the HoF he better invite us. Rob and I talked a lot about Scott Brosius's taint and before you knew it the game was over. 8-0 Yanks. Then I went and watched the Celtics win the NBA Championship. Thanks for the ticket, Mr. Iracane!

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Magic School Bus > Bolt Bus

"I could almost see the children getting sick and having their health care taken away."
It's funny because it's true.

Magic Bus > Magic School Bus > Bolt Bus > Short Bus

Padres fans, how do you live like this?

Whiskey and Google, so I can find out who the hell is booting a fuckton of balls out at second base.

So, how did the date end? Did he kiss you?????

Are you and Rob gonna get together and have the whole troop sign a jumbo thank-you card and send it to the Yankees?

"Dear Mr. Cashman, thank you for showing us around the ballpark. It was really exciting to hear how a major league ballclub wins a baseball game. We had a nice time."

@honeynut - I saw one of those at a McDonald's about an hour north of the city last weekend. "We liked making the hamburgers with Mike."

Saddest damn thing I ever saw.

I put a message up on the jumbotron:



I bet those kids didn't enjoy makin' burgers with Mike nearly as much as Mike enjoyed getting high from a can of Dust-Off right before the kids showed up.

Phony, whatever happened to Tad Iguchi? Isn't he with the Pads anymore?

17 bucks for a beer and cheese fries? I would have needed another beer to deal with the sticker shock. Now I see why used food trucks are so in demand.

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