Tonight's Contest: Who Wants A $50 Gift Certificate??

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statefarm.gifThe actuaries and adjusters at State Farm sent us an email about their "Call Your Shot" game taking place during this year's Home Run Derby. The promotion sounds neat, you can win all kinds of stuff. More importantly just for promoting the game they're giving us a $50 gift certificate to, and Rob and I wanna pass that swag on to you, the loyal and informed WoWie.

First off. Their contest:

Fans can enter the Call Your Shot promotion daily through June 24 at The grand prize winner of Call Your Shot will win:

  • All-expense paid trip for four to the All-Star Game and State Farm Home Run Derby
  • First class hotel accommodations in New York
  • Tickets to a Broadway show
  • $1,000 MasterCard gift card

The grand prize winner will also get the chance to pick a spot to which two of the Home Run Derby players must compete to try to hit a ball. If the first player hits the ball to the called spot, the promotion ends. If either player succeeds, the fan receives a 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe hybrid vehicle and a 2009 season-ticket package for any team.
Additionally, 10 fans will win first place prizes consisting of a $300 gift card and 25 second place prize winners will receive $100 gift cards.

So yeah, go here and try and win that stuff.

Now for OUR contest. Pick the 3 players you think will hit the most home runs between now and the All-Star Game on July 15. It can be any combination of players from either league. You have until 7 PM EST tomorrow . If there's a tie it will be broken by total RBI and if the same trio is chosen by more than one person, the winner will be determined by who sent their pick in first. We'll give the winner this $50 gift certificate. Pretty sweet.

Send your picks to our intern, Darren here. And remember, all entries need to be in tomorrow by 7PM. Good luck, kids.

Enjoy your evening and we'll see you back here tomorrow. Pick wisely.

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Full disclosure: we're making exactly $0.00 on this promotion. Not because they offered us cash and we turned it down, god no. That $50 gift card is pretty nice but we realize that y'all deserve it more than we do for putting up with us. Good luck!

Still wanna wager on the next two games? We got Duke and Blanton throwing tonight and tomorrow; I figure we can win one of those.

If you win I'll send you some BBQ

PS - That's not a euphamism. It's a real place.

Are we allowed to enter 25 times?

I'm going to win and buy one of those hideous statue of liberty collectible things

I'll go out on a limb and say the Yanks sweep the series. If not I'll fix the contest so you win the $50.

Paul Byrd is not exactly on his game tonight.

That's 5 24s of Natty Light. Sweet.

Top of the ninth, game tied 2-2, bases loaded, 2 outs. Jayson Werth BUNTS on the first pitch he sees from Kevin Gregg. BUNTS. FIRST PITCH. Clearly, he did not make it safely to first. The Phillies will lose this game.


I presume the walkoff king dong did not help matter, honeynut.

Ramon Hernandez, game 1, 2003 ALDS. Probably the first and last time that works.

Farthammer is a man with excellent recall.

Wait, there were 2 chances for the shrimp video in that game? WE WANT SHRIMP DAMMIT

Still a chance for shrimp tonight! Tie game at Shea.

I own Jeopardy! and am trying to get on. If I ever succeed and make it to Final Jeopardy and have no chance at winning; I promise my wager will be Walkoff Walk.

I had the opportunity to audition in front of the producers for college Jeopardy but I wasn't invited on the show because of my stunning lack of personality.

The Walkoff funny bone did not please me in the least. I spent the last hour alone with my thoughts and a bottle of Polish vodka.

/has off until Tuesday

Jack Cust would have been on Jeopardy! but he was too busy getting 2-RBI singles.

Ramon Hernandez told me to go fuck myself tonight.

True story.

That is awesome. I want to be told to sex myself up by someone.

Carlos Gonzales (C-Gon if you are REALLY clever) is the Truth.

That is awesome. I want to be told to sex myself up by someone.

Carlos Gonzales (C-Gon if you are REALLY clever) is the Truth.

My wife just told me that my screenname is gay. I don't need to deal with this shit right now.

Hernandez had a weak strikeout in his first at bat. Walking back to the dugout I said simply, "Nice swing Hernandez." He replied, "Go fuck yourself."

I think he felt bad cause later he gave his bat to the kid next to me.

See, if he had given you the bat, you might have been tempted to take his earlier advice.

Only if he left the weighted donuts on it.

Do we have to pick three different players? May I choose based on facial hair and former crack addiction? Are Canadians allowed?

If I remove the scoreboard widget from the WoW template, the Yankees-A's game never happened.

It's not over yet. You guys could score 5 or 6 at anytime, and can easily shut us down with ... ... ... Owendorff? Como?

You can pick whomever you want just as long as you don't try and steal our intern.


This game has officially switched from Baseball Before Bedtime to Baseball During Bedt....zzzzzzzzzzz

This is like an episode of Gossip Girl.

Side note: I lament not having the MLB Ticket thingy because I never get to see Timmy Lincecum live.

I picked Braun Berkman Uggla.

You all fail because I win. Fail.

honeynut...first you say your wife thinks your screen name is gay and then you mention Gossip Girl. Then you said lament and thingy.

Do I need a ruling?

Darren! You tattle-tale! I would've been so good to you.

I picked Papi, Soriano and Bonds. SHIP IT!

Honeynut is a guy? With that screen name?

Hey, you might lose the WoW contest so you had better enter ours too.

We're having a Caption Conest to promote the same State Farm event. The winner gets a $50 gift card as well. Go here: and submit your entry.

A caption contest too.

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