Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club: Red Sox @ Phillies, 6/18/08

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It's a businessperson's special today at Citizens Bank Park but Wednesdays are alway special for businesspeoples here at Walkoff Walk. That's right, I'll be liveglogging the Phillies-Red Sox rubber match today. Cole Hamels shut down Boston on Monday night but the Sox came back against Jamie Moyer last night behind the pitching prowess of Jon Lester.

Your matchup today is Kyle Kendrick against rookie Justin Masterson. Masterson has had five starts so far this season and has gone at least 6 innings in all five. He's 3-1 with a 2.90 ERA, but most impressively, has 27 K's in 31 innings pitched. Kendrick has picked up six wins this year but has only 31 K's against 24 walks in 75 innings pitched. He's benefited well from the strong Phillies lineup and the astoundingly good bullpen. Neither pitcher has faced the opposing team before, so this should prove to be an interesting day.

Manny Ramirez is out of the lineup today, so that's one less bat for Kendrick to worry about.

Check out the lineups then hop over that jump down there at 1PM and follow along:

12:00PM: Come back in an hour when the game starts.

1:00PM: Welcome back! Your radio guys today are Phillies announcers Larry Andersen and Chris Wheeler1:09PM: It's 75 degrees in Philadelphia and the Phillies are wearing their cream-colored alternate home jerseys. Jacoby Ellsbury leads off with a single.

1:14PM: With Manny out, this leaves the Red Sox short of their top three hitters: Ramirez, Ortiz and Youkilis. Dustin Pedroia is up now. Kendrick has mixed four pickoff attempts between his six pitches to Pedroia, who singles to advance Ellsbury to second. Here comes J.D. Drew and here come the J.D. boos.

1:15PM: And there goes the baseball, over right fielder Geoff Jenkins' head and into the stands. It's 3-0 Red Sox on Drew's big tater dong.

1:16PM: Mike Lowell follows that up with his own home run. It's 4-0 Red Sox now. Back-to-back jacks.

1:19PM: Kendrick retires Sean Casey on a groundball and the crowd rewards him with a Bronx cheer. Which is odd, because they're 120 miles or so from the Bronx.

1:21PM: Jason Varitek flies out and Coco Crisp grounds out and the half-inning is mercifully over.

1:25PM: This Masterson kid is huge. Like a giant. He's 6'6" and 250 pounds. That's not the kind of guy you want to charge on the mound. He'll go Nolan Ryan on your ass. Rollins lines out to start the inning and Victorino follows with a walk.

1:30PM: Chase Utley is suffering an 0-for-16 streak, stretching over four games. Still, he leads the world in All-Star votes and that lifetime supply of Tasty Kakes. Utley grounds out but the team avoids the double play because they started the runner. Here comes Freddy Strikeout, aka Ryan Howard. Single through the shift! RBI single, 4-1 Red Sox.

1:36PM: Pat Burrell flies out to end the first and Kyle Kendrick struck out the side in the top of the second. Yes, it all happened that quickly.

1:41PM: Geoff Jenkins walked to lead off and Masterson started Greg Dobbs off with two balls. Dobbs swung at the third pitch despite it being literally over his head.

1:46PM: Dobbs grounds into a fielder's choice. Masterson hits Carlos Ruiz in the noggin despite being ahead 0-2 in the count. DON'T CHARGE THE MOUND, CARLOS!

1:49PM: Kyle Kendrick's sac bunt attempt goes awry and he bunt popped out into a double play. Inning over.

1:52PM: Dustin Pedroia takes a foul ball into his shinguard and falls to the ground. Tito and the training staff come out to examine him, but he'll stay in to line out to Rollins.

1:55PM: J.D. Drew steps up in his attempt to repeat his tater tot feat. He fails, but doubles over Jenkins' head instead. The boos rain down on him like a bunch of sad empty batteries.

1:58PM: Mike Lowell gets hit by a pitch and Sean Casey pops out. Chase Utley would have dropped it had the umpires not called the infield fly rule to earn a sneaky double play. Oh, you scamp!

2:04PM: Varitek walks and the bases are loaded. For some reason unknown to me, Coco Crisp is being pinch hit for by Brandon Moss. The Red Sox are dealing with a case of the hurties! Moss singles, and two runs score when Victorino's throw is just a bit late. 6-1 Sox.

2:09PM: Lugo walks, the bases are re-loaded, and Cholly Manuel decides to let Kendrick stay in for one more batter: pitcher Justin Masterson. Kendrick strikes out Masterson to end the top half of the third. Kid's 75 pitches deep through three innings. Yipes.

2:17PM: Rollins lines out to start the bottom of the third. Victorino and Utley follow with groundouts and the third inning is toast.

2:22PM: Your new Phillies pitcher is Clay Condrey. He'll face the top of the lineup now in the fourth. Hey, it's Harry Kalas! Whatta voice. Coco Crisp left the game with discomfort in his left hand, sez Harry in his smooth voice. Ellsbury grounds out and Pedroia doubles, bringing up slugger J.D. Drew.

2:26PM: Drew singles to right-center and Pedroia scores from second. It's 7-1 Red Sox now and the boos have actually gotten lighter. Phillies fans must be drowning theyselves in crab fries and cheese sauce by now. Lowell singles to right field and Drew advances to second. Varitek flies out and we're headed to the bottom of the fourth.

2:32PM: Ryan Howard lines out into the shift. No, Ryan, the other way! Pat Burrell grounds out to Mike LOL. Two down. Masterson seems to have settled his business down a bit since his shaky second inning.

2:36PM: Jenkins strikes out to end the fourth. Shame.

2:41PM: Moss flies out and Lugo doubles. FYI, Ellsbury moved over to center when Crisp left the game and Moss took over in left field. Masterson strikes out.

2:43PM: Ellsbury strikes out and Condrey works out of the mini-jam he created. It was like a raspberry jam but with Lugo on second, it had more worms.

2:48PM: Dobbs singles, Ruiz singles, and Cholly sends up Jayson Werth to pinch hit for Clay Condrey. Werth grounds into a fielders choice and earns an RBI as Dobbs crosses home. Werth avoided the GIDP by hustling his buns down the first base line.

2:51PM: Rollins is up. Werth is off with the pitch and Lugo goes to cover second. Rollins puts the ball through the hole at shortstop and we've got runners on the corners with one out. Here's Victorino. Rollins swipes second sans hesitation.

2:54PM: Victorino wastes his opportunity and pops out. Here comes hitless Chase Utley. Kid grounds out sharply to Sean Casey, score that 3-1 if you are scoring at home. Fifth inning is over, kids.

3:00PM: Your new pitcher is Chad Durbin, who somehow has managed a 1.54 ERA in 40 innings. Pedroia flies out. J.D. Drew comes up and singles, leaving him with 4 hits through six innings. He's still a triple shy of the cycle, but if Drew could get a cycle in that ballpark, I'll eat my hat.

3:05PM: Mike LOL strikes out looking and Sean Casey comes up with a ground ball double past third base. Runners on second and third now, with Varitek coming up to the dish. Durbin gets 'Tek looking, and he has worked out of trouble. Seems the Phillies bullpen has done a good job working out of trouble all season; let's see if the offense can make some trouble of their own. Yes I am rooting for the Phillies. Sue me.

3:12PM: Welp, Bat Masterson falls short of the six inning mark for the first time this season as Javier Lopez is the new Sox pitcher. Howard grounds out to short (really second b/c of the shift), Burrell grounds out to second (actual second because why shift for someone who sometimes hits to the opposite field) and Jenkins grounds out to first. Inning over! Rob glogs six full innings!

3:19PM: The Phillies new pitcher this inning is Rudy Seanez. Brandon Moss leads off by grounding out to Ryan Howard unassisted. Nice leatherwork, friend. Lugo grounds out to short. Javier Lopez will bat for hisself now, and strike out in the process. Get up and stretch!

3:26PM: Eric Bruntlett is batting for Greg Dobbs with the righty Craig Hansen on the mound for the Red Sox. No, that makes no sense to me either unless there's some magical double switch going on. He reaches on an infield single.

3:31PM: Carlos Ruiz is up. Bruntlett steals second with no throw. Ruiz works a full count. This is how Hemingway would glog. Ruiz walks. Pedro Feliz pinch hits for Seanez.

3:34PM: Now I'm going to glog in the style of Faulkner: Hansen unleashes a wild pitch that mourns death and causes all time to freeze except for the advancement of Ruiz and Bruntlett. None have feared death so much except Hansen who then commits the mortal sin of allowing Feliz to single up the middle where Pedroia can merely watch quietly, unhurriedly, as the ball passes him by. Two runs score, and injustice and sorrow have been temporarily lifted off the brows of the businesspersons.

3:37PM: Here comes Manny Delcarmen of East Bridgewater, Mass. to pitch for the Red Sox. It's 7-4 Red Sox now with nobody out and a man on first. Your batter is reigning NL MVP and resident Nostradamus Jimmy Rollins. Rollins walks.

3:42PM: Shane Victorino popped out. Utley lines out. Just like that, we've got two outs and Chase is 0-for-his-last-20.

3:45PM: Okay, F. Scott Fitzgerald's liveglog would go something like this:
Ryan Howard strikes out to end the inning. Time for another whiskey!

3:48PM: Well that was a pretty well-placed double switch by Uncle Cholly as the Phillies score two runs and should have gotten a couple more. Southpaw J.C. Romero replaces Bruntlett and becomes the new pitcher. Pedro Feliz stays in the game at third base. Ellsbury leads off the inning by striking out looking.

3:52PM: Pedroia singles to left and he's got three hits on the day. Here comes J.D. Drew who is seeking his FIFTH hit. Instead, he grounds out weakly in front of the plate. Ruiz nabs the ball with his bare hand and throws out Drew.

3:54PM: Mike LOL gets walked intentionally bringing Sean Casey to the plate. The strategery pays off as Casey grounds out. TIME FOR THE BOTTOM OF THE EIGHTH, Y'ALL!

4:02PM: Pat Burrell flies out deep to left. Jenkins flies out deep to right. Deep to left, deep to right, take your clothes off. Here's Chris Coste with the most to pinch hit for Romero. HE'S WORKING THE COUNT FULL, Y'ALL. But ugh, he strikes out.

4:07PM: The Phillies new pitcher is...wait a minute...that's...that's Brad Lidge's shitty nu metal music! Varitek leads off, and strikes out looking. Looking silly with that goatee! Zing! Brandon Moss strikes out swinging. Like Tommy Dorsey.

4:10PM: Julio Lugo pops out and thank God because Manny Ramirez was on deck to pinch hit for Delcarmen. Instead, Jonathan Papelbon will come in to close out the game COMING UP NEXT.

4:13PM: Papelbon is seeking his 21st save. He's the fifth Sox pitcher today to go with the Phillies' six pitchers, making a total of eleven pitchers used on this getaway day. Yes, I can add. Ruiz, Feliz and Rollins will hit. Probably.

4:15PM: Ruiz works a full count but is punched out looking. Not literally. That would have been rude. Cholly does not like the call, and neither do the radio guys. Here's Feliz.

4:17PM: Papelbon gets the ball in on the hands and Feliz pops out to Varitek. Jimmy Rollins is the Phillies' last hope.

4:18PM: Rollins flies out to Moss and the game is over. Final score: Red Sox 7, Phillies 4. Third straight series loss for the Phils. See ya later and thanks, WoWies!

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Gak, I found out about 30 min ago that my client would not be accompanying me to this businesspersons special, and had to give my tickets up. So, I will be watching the game in my office while refusing to do work.


Does anyone else remember Larry Anderson using that Great Looking Hair (GLH) spray paint stuff, as a joke and much to the delight of everyone else in the Phillies' clubhouse? I think the only baseball-related footage that made me laugh harder was Torii Hunter's face bandage (and every hotfoot prank ever).

@ honeynut

You're probably not so upset now, huh?

Nope, still irritated. In fact, more so. If I were at CBP, at least I would be enjoying this drubbing with a company-supplied frosty beverage.

According to, this game is a "rubber match." So I guess I should be glad I'm not watching it on TV?

/thanks you, will be here all week

Come on LOL charge the mound.

Who are these "Busnesspersons" you speak of?

The women are still home doing laundry and preparing dinner, right?

Sean Casey just hit two foul balls into the same luxury box, and the same asscock* whiffed on both.



Nah, seems some liberal sap let a couple of 'em out of the typing pool once, and it spread like wildfire.

Of course, if you check my spelling of "Busnesspersons" you will see why our economy is in the state it is in. And the scotch. Don't forget to blame the scotch.

They call it the Business FAN special down here. Stupid


Is Justin Masterson related to Danny and Chris?


No, but Bat is his great uncle.


Yeah - but its Red Sox v. Phils.
Everyone is just rooting for a stadium collapse.

too... hungover... to... think... of... witty... comment...

I thought Rudy Seanez died years ago.

@FutureMrs - STILL hungover at 330? I want to party with you, cowgirl.

This is how Hemingway would glog.

Drunk on daquiris?

Do Dr. Seuss next.

If you can glog F. Scott Fitzgerald-style, I'll add you to my favorites list.

No bad... but you forgot to drop in something about your crazy wife.

PaleHose, it's called Jamison. Apply liberally.

@FutureMrs - as someone married to an Irishwoman, I heartily endorse your statement. You should have a newsletter we can all subscribe to.

/Wait.. did I actually spell everything correctly?

I am digging the new Phillies' day game alternate unis. I dunno about the high socks, though. I feel like Michael Cooper is going to pinch-run for Burrell at some point.

Wow, Scott Wheeler (phils color man) really, really disagrees with Hunter Wendlestadt's strike-3 call on Chooch Ruiz. I think HW just gave Wheeler the heave-ho.

In other day game action,

I was just walked by Barry Zito.

Scott Wheeler is black?

god dammit!! I finally get to a chance to check scores!

@Jerkwheat: you leave Barry alone! Booo!

/dabs away tears

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