Weekend Questions

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hittheballduck.jpg Hey kids, when the shit hits the fan, you need to stop aiming your ass at the fan while shitting.

Enjoy some baseball, some basketball and especially some golf this weekend. Rob will pop his head in tomorrow and I'll be around Sunday. Good work this week, kids.

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This is an awfully scatologically-minded post. Good thing there's some Flushing in there.

Matt...sheesh... Larry has a bad eye boo-boo now. You are getting close to feeling like a Brewer fan.

WILL Farthammer defecate on a seat at AT&T Park tomorrow?

I just threw up on myself. Omar Vizquel just stole home with the bases loaded.

An even worse sign for Atlanta. They just signed Jorge Julio....

Fuck me. The gat dam sprinklers came on with 2 out in the 9th at the a's/gints game.

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