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It's Will Leitch's last day at Deadspin, the wildly popular sports blog. I owe a lot to the man who, a couple years ago, hired me as Deadspin's commenting intern because he couldn't keep up with the onslaught of pending commenters. Most of all, I owe Will gratitude because he inspired me to start Walkoff Walk with my pal Camp Tiger Claw.

When I first started blogging eight years ago, I had a simple personal website that entertained family and friends. Inspired by the online writing of Rob Neyer, I actually considered starting a baseball blog back then called "Diamond Log" but the idea never left the dark hollows of my brain.

Fast forward to 2008 and, thanks to the support and inspiration of Will and many other sports bloggers, Walkoff Walk is up and running. We've got passionately smart and funny readers and commenters, and I think some of the best baseball blogging around.

So enjoy your slow walk into the sunset, Mr. Leitch, and tune into your local purveyors of televised baseball to find out:

  • WILL A.J. Daulerio give us the same good treatment that Will Leitch did?

  • CAN the Cardinals topple the seemingly unbeatable Royals in the battle for the hearts of minds of Missourians?

  • DOES Robert Weintraub stand a snowball's chance in hell of continuing his series of old-timey baseb....zzzzzzzzz

  • SHOULD I just vote for Ryan Ludwick anyway?

See you tomorrow, folks.

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/pours out 40oz

Also, I met my girlfriend (indirectly) through Will, so thanks for that.

passionately smart and funny readers and commenters

What do you think this is, the Big Lead?

Also: I was at that game! BorL and I were going to race with our pants down on the 7 platform! Thank God that didn't work out.

Not the same girl who AJ "met", is it?

WoW is great fun, but I hope you also stick around at Deadspin.

Heh heh. Borl.

Well put, Rob. I wish I had put it so well at DeadOn.

With AJ and Clay though, we'll all be BGID in no time at all.

oh and,


Since this seems to be Emo Week, let me say that this is the funniest blog out there. Cheers!

Looks like Delgado finally got the bat off of his shoulder.

So first you were going to start that "Apologist" site, then "Diamond Log"....


My dog made a diamond log once after he ate my mom's necklace.

/obviously kidding we were too poor.

Too poor for a dog? That's really sad.

I know. I used to drag an empty orange juice container around the neighborhood on a leash and call it "Barky."

Then my Dad sold it.

The Jays are wearing their sweet retro unis

I'm proud to actually be a deterrence in Rob's blogging life.

Later Leitch.

Fuck you Kendall for calling for Mota to pitch 5 high pitches in a row. What? You don't think Mauer will figure it out after 4. Douche.

/i like me some Kendall this year but this was his first brain fart. Fucker.

/i love WOW

My friends dad bought "barky" actually. We lit the thing on fire within hours.

@ Fat


@ Todd


Rob, there are some legitimately hilarious comments on your self-serving, pat-on-the-back link to the Deadspin call for a commenting intern. BDD looks fucked up in his commenting picture. Fuck the Indians, but thank God they beat the Reds tonight. I can't give up on this season even though CC will be gone any day. Going to bed.

/drunk post

Sidney Ponson out-pitches Pedro Martinez. Maybe if Pedro hadn't let his cock fight in the pre-season, he'd be able to stand up for himself now.

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