What's Up Creampuff: Dudes That Got Hurt

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stretcher.JPGNot too many guys went on the DEEL this week which is great because I'm a little hungover and Creampuff is hard to write.

  • Ian Snell, Pirates: Ever heard of medial epicondylitis? Either had Ian Snell until it's screaming chords of pain came ripping through his right elbow this week landing him on the DL. Make Room For Denny Bautista was the worst TGIF show ever.

  • Shaun Marcum, Blue Jays: Me bragging about how I knew Shaun Marcum was going to have a good season will be delayed for a few weeks. He landed on the DL last weekend and visited Dr. Death, James Andrews. Andrews said no surgery is needed, which is good news for everyone except him because he's putting a new deck on his house.

  • Nick Johnson, Nationals: Johnson looks like he's going to miss the rest of the season after wrist surgery. You have to feel a little bit for the guy who missed all of last season and seemed genuinely excited to get back on the field, even if it was with the Nationals.

Update: Not sure how I missed this one, but Brandon Inge strained his oblique LIFTING A PILLOW. Wow.

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which is great because I'm a little hungover and Creampuff is hard to write

There's some irony in there somewhere, eh?

Say what you will about medical epicondylitis, it's better than dental epicondylitis.


You'd be the all-time champ of Walkoff Walk Jeopardy.

screaming chords of pain

Isn't that title of the new album for Ian Snell and the 4 days of Hell

In BInge's defense, his oblique was already tender from a nasty afghan incident at his Nana's.

Those aren't pillows.

screaming chords of pain

Actually I believe that was the final disc by Warren Zevon.

At least Binge wasn't biting a pillow

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