Which of These Series Are World Series Previews?

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Taking a gander at the Baseball Prospectus postseason odds report (subscription req'd) shows the following teams at 50% or higher in terms of their chances to reach the playoffs:

    Cubs: 91%
    Red Sox: 85%
    White Sox: 76%
    Phillies: 75%
    Athletics: 73%
    Rays: 69%
    Diamondbacks: 62%

Knock the White Sox off that list and you've got six teams who are in the middle of playing one another, thanks to the wonders of interleague action. No, I'm not referring to the Indians-Rockies matchup. Instead, the Red Sox-Phillies series, Athletics-Diamondbacks series, and Rays-Cubs series have all been called World Series previews by various sources, including Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels:

"We can compete with them any day of the week. Hopefully, we're destined to play them in the World Series."

That's a reasonable guess, Cole. But which permutation or combination of those six teams would be most likely to meet in the Fall Classic? Cubs-Red Sox? Phillies-A's? Rays-Diamondbacks? Who knows? What do you all think?

FYI, the Mariners currently have a 0.01307% chance of making the playoffs. And yes, that's absurdly higher than I thought.

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A's/Diamondbacks would be ratings gold, on par with Spurs/Pistons.

Didn't the Cubs and Red Sox meet in the 2003 World Series?

New Mariners GM: Lloyd Christmas

White Sox-Diamondbacks, winner gets the White House.

I could see a D-backs/Red Sox series happening. Although I do not want to see another NL West team get embarrassed. Serve up the Phillies instead.
The Cubbies: no. Waiting for their fade.

huh. Killed two posts in a row.
And I wasn't even trying that hard.

The A's over the Angels? I really doubt it. The Angels are known power players in the Summer so I really doubt the A's would make it. Let's go ANGELS!! I think the D'Backs would be one of the better contenders. The Rays are going to blow it at the end of the summer. Just wait and see.

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