Willie Randolph and the Family Banned

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Well that was a great win by the New York Metropolitans over the AL West's best team in that team's own ballpark. Manager Willie Randolph and his coaches could breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the win over the Angels could bring them another game closer to .500 and another day of job security. I bet Willie and his staff went out to Morton's for some ribeyes and a couple bottles of old vine zinfandel just to relax and plan out the next day's strategy.

But, uh, Randolph and his coaches done got fired. Omar Minaya pulled the trigger at midnight local time, sending Randolph, pitching coach Rick Peterson, and first base coach Tom Nieto to the unemployment line. Bench coach Jerry Manuel takes over as manager and Dan Warthen becomes the new pitching coach.

This is progress? This is the team I predicted would finish first? Shame on me for thinking the Mets were so well-assembled for a playoff run and then criticizing Omar Minaya for assembling such a team. I'm a hypocritical baseball blogger!

Still, I stand by my earlier defense of Willie. He led the team to three winning seasons in a row andcamethisclose to taking the Mets to the World Series. I have no idea how well he energizes the team or deals with players behind the scenes, but he's still just a sacrificial goat in this case.

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If we could embed sounds, I'd embed the Nelson Ha-ha.

Mets fans Need More Love Everyday Of Their Lives. Poor Willie, getting Squeezed like that.

I like the second update two posts prior, just for the fact it sets the record straight.

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