With the iPhone, You Can Watch Richie Sexson Strike Out Anywhere

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Via the good folks at Squawking Baseball comes this fantastic video from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday:

Yes, MLB.com will be providing real-time video highlights of baseball games on the new iPhone. Yes, MLB.com did something forward-thinking with technology instead of locking it up behind a archaic paywall. Yes, you can now watch Julio Lugo ground into a double play while on line at the grocery store.

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Now I can watch the Braves bullpen shit on the field while taking a shit myself.

What is the opposite of something that makes you more social and outgoing?

NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING. I should have mentioned that.

Now I can watch the Mets when I'm in jail!

while on line at the grocery store.

So you can see ding dongs and tater tots while shopping for ding dongs and tater tots

I can watch Paul Lo Duca while sitting in my 7th grade geography class!

I can see Roger Clemens on a date when I take my kid to the playground.

Now i can watch porn when I'm beating off at work.

I mean...I can watch baseball....

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