Yes I Am a Soxapologist

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Much hoopla has been made over my suggestion that multiple nationally-televised Red Sox games were actually good for fans. Our pal 'Duk at Big League Stew linked the story, questioned my sanity, and declared "Thank god for Extra Innings." Well then.

I'm a die-hard, dyed in the wool Yankees fan but I would never shy away from an opportunity to salute the Red Sox organization. They're just so well run nowadays! Heck, I've got many friends who are fans of Boston (more than I have of Yankees fan friends) but they're all rational and wonderful people. None of them are crazy "Tahhmmy from Quinzee" types.

I stand by my opinion, but I'd also like to point out the fact that I once considered starting a blog called "The Sports Apologist". Obviously this never got off the ground or even materialized outside of my own noggin, but the concept would be as such: I would have taken the least popular opinions in the sportsblogosphere and defend them in a clever and/or amusing way.

I tend to do that sometimes with my Walkoff Walk pieces, like with my Omar Minaya defense or even my Willie Randolph defense. Heck, I hate the Mets, but I sure would like to see justice served for every individual who isn't really doing that bad of a job.

Hopefully I won't ever sink so low to become merely a contrarian, but if I do, please call me out on it. So I won't hesitate now to implore our entire readership to watch tonight's Red Sox-Diamondbacks matchup, as old timers Randy Johnson and Tim Wakefield face off on ESPN2 at 7PM. Please to enjoy.

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Yeah, I know tons of "die-hard" Yankee fans who start blogs with Red Sox fans. A freakin' boatload.

Or watch the CWS final at 7pm.


If it increases my Yankee fan cred any, I want Jason Varitek to have both his legs amputated below the thigh.

Jeez, who'd wanna see the Unit and Wakefield on a night that features Kyle Lohse and Armando Galarraga


This is not to rub anything in about the last 4 years of baseball at all (seriously, i'm not a "Jeter Swallows" fucktwat fanboy), but it really does say something about the way the Red Sox - Yankees rivalry has evolved in recent years, that Rob would make such loving caresses of the keyboard toward the Sox organization.

I can't really reciprocate that feeling though because the Yankees are run by a bunch of assholes.


Lohse vs. LILCATTTTT!!1!!!

I would have gone with "a little hoopla" not "much hoopla" but that's just me.

I am humbled by your comment, bc twins fan.

bc twins fan is Peter Abraham.

I may be wrong but I don't that's a compliment

I am humbled by your insult.

"The Sports Apologist...Least popular opinions...clever and amusing"

So basically you would steal Skip Bayless' schtick, except add cleverness and humor.

I guess that's nothing like Skip Bayless, actually.

Taking a contrarian opinion in a post now and again isn't a bad thing. Mix the shit up a bit. Give the readers a little "where'd that come from" now and again.
Or not.

Unit v. Wakefield? Did I hit 88 in the DeLorean again? WTF?

Do more posts with links to hot black-and-white photos of chicks alphabetizing.

C'mon Rob if Varitek has his thighs he can still catch! Your fandom lessens by the minute

C'mon Rob if Varitek has his thighs he can still catch! Your fandom lessens by the minute

I'll forgive you your double-post because of your super-sexy commenter name.

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