You Call This Baseball? New Wii Game is Baseball on Mushrooms

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I haven't played very many video games since the early 1990's, so stuff like this just blows my mind. Here's the cinematic trailer for the new Nintendo Wii game "Mario Super Sluggers" or something:

If memory serves me right, Nintendo Corp owns the Mariners. Perhaps new Seattle hitting coach Lee Elia is featured as a foul-mouthed Easter Egg in the game. And here's a video with actual gameplay that doesn't go very far to clearing up exactly why this is considered a 'baseball' video game.

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As long as you can don a racoon tail and fly, then it's ok by me.

With some mescaline and a dream, you can do anything you want.


Atlanta has signed "Mario" and he'll be starting this weekend.

Jim Bouton wants to know where the animated beavers are.

Donkey Kong juices.

Jim Thome has already met Bowser

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