Young Fat Guy And Old Skinny Guy Will Pitch Tonight

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oldguyyoungguy.jpgIt's a big night for some of the gooniest fans in baseball as both Big Apple squads get a couple of high profile starts. In the Bronx, Joba Chamberlain makes his highly anticipated first start against Roy Halladay and the Blue Jays. Out in San Francisco, Pedro Martinez makes his first start for the Mets since coming off the DL. He faces Barry Zito.

Yankee fans have been waiting for Thickburger to make his first start for over a year now. After going through a similar experience for the first couple seasons of Jon Papelbon's career, I was skeptical that Joba would ever make it out of the bullpen. Being the only one of the "young guns" to keep all of his limbs attached has gone a long way towards making that happen. And no matter what the fans may want out of tonight, at least expectations around the organization are staying reasonable. Right, Peter Abraham??

"It's the first start in what could be a 15-year career," (Hank Steinbrenner) told the AP. "With him, we're all looking not just for the rest of this year, we're looking even right now a few years ahead already. That's what counts to us. Hopefully he does well. Again, I would have preferred to start the year with him as a starter, but this is the way they have come up with. Hopefully it works and he has no problem with the transition."
Fantastic! Good to see there's no pressure on the kid. And hey, Iracane's gonna be there, so uh... that's something.

While the sun rises on Chamberlain's career, the Mets wonder how many more hours of daylight are left in Pedro's. He's been on the DL for two months with a hamstring injury and with his father's health failing has talked about retiring at season's end. There aren't many athletes whose words I take at face value, especially about retirement, but Pedro is one of them. He's always been thoughtful enough that I think if he said it, it's a real possibility. He'll be taking the mound tonight against Barry "Eeyore" Zito. Henry Schulman points out that they've never faced one another, so uh... that's something.

No matter what kind of tri-state barbarian you are, tonight will be an important one for your team. Whether it's about the ridiculously long term speculative future or the more immediate one, Joba and Pedro take their first steps towards the horizon.

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You used the words "Thickburger" and "Peter Abraham" in the same paragraph, so uh...that's something.

I wonder if Joba's start will get any play on tomorrow's AM SportsCenter. It's a slow news day, so maybe.

The circle of life*


I don't like the idea of Joba starting. It puts a lot of pressure on the Yankees bullpen, especially Kyle Farnsworth.

Tony, I agree this is a total strain on the bullpen. But I'm sure the team realizes that. If anything it just puts into perspective how desperate they are for innings in the rotation.

Joba is so fucking awesome he can't be wasted with just two or three innings a week. The bullpen problem is just something that will have to be fixed. Too bad Joe Girardi is a Joe_Torre-esque manager who cannot think outside the box.

Yes his name is Joe Underscore Torre.

See that's the problem, underscoring just inevitably leads to losses.

Won't Joba tire himself out by screaming and dancing around the mound like an asshole after every strike he throws?

I hope he trips on the rosin bag during one of his sack dances and dislocates his shoulder... Ok I don't really hope that but it would be funny.

Zito has actually looked like a pitcher his last few starts. He must be soooo high these days.

And if movies and videogames have taught me anything; it's that the guy in that picture is about to shoot lightning at that kid out of his hands.

I'm quite excited for Doc to make Joba his dog's bitch tonight. How long until the Joe Girardi death watch begins?

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