Your 2008 MLB Draft Update

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    Here are some of the highlights from the first and later rounds of yesterday's draft:

  • The White Sox selected their own GM's son in the sixth round. Wichita State outfielder Kenny Williams Jr. is the son of Ken Williams. No telling what PECOTA thinks of the kid or what Williams thinks of the dumb computer.

  • Twenty-one college players were selected in the first round, a record. I blame Billy Beane and his book about money and balls.

  • Only one high school pitcher was taken in the first round, Gerrit Cole, by the Yankees. That's thinking outside the box, Cash!

  • The Red Sox took three players from the greater Northeast region in the last three rounds last night, including a catcher from Yale and a kid from Rhode Island. Tawmmy from Quinzee was not available for comment.

  • The Royals drafted John Lamb, who missed this past college season after a car accident left him with a hairline fracture in his elbow. No, no, you're doing it all wrong, kid! You're supposed to suffer a massive career-ending injury after being drafted by the Royals!

  • In more nepotism news, the Tigers drafted Alex Avila, son of Detroit assistant GM Al Avila.

  • I never want to hear the word 'toolsy' again unless it's referring to guys at the Jersey Shore.

The second day of drafty goodness starts right now, so head over to to follow it because I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than glog another day of that.

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a catcher from Yale

I thought George W. Bush was a top?

W.'s the pitcher, America's the catcher.

Alex Avila, son of Detroit assistant GM Al Avila.

Please, call me Lex.

Did Tom Gordon's kid get picked yet? What's that kid's name? Zip? Whiz? Expose? Something like that.

omigod i hope it's Expose Gordon

Is that Canadian?

I hope it's Jack Gordon.

(If I knew how to make my comments into a blue link, I would have made "Jack Gordon" link to a picture of Buffalo Bill, because that was his alias. Everyone would have clicked on the link and then LOLd)

When was Paul DePodesta's dad picked this year?



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