Your Gratuitous John Smoltz Retirement Speculation Post

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Walkoff Walk's number one Braves fan Matt_T alerts us to this press release from about a news conference the Atlanta Braves have scheduled for this morning:

John Smoltz has said that he'll be content if he never throws another pitch. Now, just two days after he attempted to alleviate stress on his shoulder with a move to the bullpen, the Braves veteran pitcher finds this to be a more defined possibility.

The Braves have scheduled an 11:30 a.m. ET news conference at Turner Field and at that time, they are expected to discuss Smoltz's future. There has been talk that he will need to undergo season-ending surgery on his right shoulder.

Oh my stars and garters, is John Smoltz retiring? Somebody put on ESPNEWS at 11:30 this morning and let us know!

I'm so sorry I criticized your blown save yesterday, Mr. Smoltz! Please don't retire!

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Well he just said he won't know f he's done completely until the doctor goes into tv shoulder. But he plans on staying and traveling with the team the rest of the year. Bobby wants him in the clubhouse.

John Smoltz has a tv embedded in his shoulder? FUCKING AWESOME

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