A Drinking Song: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 12:10, Nationals at Marlins: Rubber in Dolphins stadium. Washington scored more runs last night than they had scored in their first 76 games combined*. Odalis Perez celebrates his 54th birthday* by taking the hill against Ricky Nolasco. Dan Uggla has missed the last 3 games with a sprained ankle and is unlikely to be in the lineup today.

  • 1:10, Tigers at Twins: One of the most entertaining series of the first half wraps up this afternoon in the Metrodome. Detroit and Minny have split the first two games, neither of which have been lacking in drama or histrionics. Eddie Bonine (which is what Jeff Conine calls his dick) takes on Nick Blackburn.

  • 3:35, A's at Angels: The Angels score some last night. 5 in fact. Today's rubber match pits Dana Eveland against Joe Saunders, neither of whom have been giving up many runs. Low scoring West Coast baseball? Sounds to me like a delicious recipe for afternoon live blogging. Uncle Rob's gotcha.

*neither of these things are true

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Yay Liveglog!

neither of whom have been giving up many runs

Also, neither of them have been in my kitchen.

I'm a young whippersnapper, but is that a Cheers reference?

"So you've decided to give me my money?"
"No, I'm going to quit Jeopardy!"

Liveglogs are why Wednesday is the new Friday.

"Eddie Bonine (which is what Jeff Conine calls his dick) takes on Nick Blackburn."

That's funny because Blackburn is what I called my ex girlfriend's vag.


Sorry about that. I am the last person on earth (the interweb) who doesn't know how to use HTML so I am just learning. I guess it worked.



Yecchh baseball from the West... I already sat through the whole goddamn NLCS last year... can't we do the Tigaahs game so I can post pictures of Magglio Ordonez?


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