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neil_diamond.jpg12:19: Hello! Anyone out there? I think I wrote too much and broke the WoW infrastructure. This is the new post. 2 on for the AL, one out.

12:23: Wow Nate McLouth, what a throw to get out Navarro at home. 2 outs.

12:25: It's never going to end... it's just not going to ever stop. When the sun peeks in through the window and I emerge grizzled and squinting all will know I glogged. But none other will know how I felt. I am the Marathon Man.

12:29: McLouth singles after the walk. Russel Martin advances the runners with the sac bunt. It works. They'll walk Tejada to load the bases to bring up Uggla. Gosh. If only Uggla used to smoke crack this would be perfect.

12:34: Uggla looked about as awful on that last strikeout as you can. Not a good night for that dude. Damn Fox, if I see Kevin Kennedy this close to bed time i get heartburn. Thanks a lot. George Sherrill is in. He has sucked lately. This could be bad. It's not. He gets the K. Everything I write is taking 7 minutes to load. I'm sorry guys.

12:41: So Guillen doubled, then moved to third on the passed ball. Rob isn't even at the game anymore. Cristian Guzman just made an incredible play to get out Guillen at home. Fuck. Wait. No fuck. It's a foul ball. KNOCK HOME GUILLEN PLEASE EVAN LONGORIA. He struck out. Dammit. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

12:46: Well we're headed to the 13th. I'm going to go finish this blog in the garage with the car running. Shit i live in an apartment and have no car. And I only live on the second floor so jumping isn't an option. Looks like I'll just have to finish without death's sweet release.

12:53: George Sherrill is throwing gas. The teams are 3-27 with RiSP. That's the end of 13 1/2. Is Selig going to have to make the decision again? The tie decision? I see no way he can call that and avoid a media fallout... but the managers are going to start pushing in an inning from now.

12:55: Testing. Am I actually getting under 6 minute post times? Would you kiss Estelle Getty? Testing, testing.

12:58: Nice Marmol.

12:59: JD, if you hit homer I'll buy you a slice at Momo's. Doooooo it.

1:01: Not a hit, but another Uggla error. Listen I don't care how bad of a hop that is you cannot score that a hit Tim McCarver. You just can't it hit the dude in the breadbasket.

1:02: Three errors for Uggla now. I just wanna reiterate... remember 11 hours ago when this game started we were all coolly jaded about it. We can't change now to take some licks on him. JD Drew with the stolen base. MVP MVP. 2 down

1:05: Lord fuck a duck. We're going to 14. And you know what that means! Here on Walkoff Walk whenever an All Star Liveblog reaches the 14th inning, you get DON RICKLES ON THE DEAN MARTIN CELEBRITY ROASTS. LAUGH ALONG THIS TIME, AS DON ROASTS SAMMY DAVIS JR!

1:09: I'm sick of hearing about Kazmir. Put him in the goddamned game, or he's never allowed to be an All Star again. Sherrill has thrown about 35 pitches. He's done. That's all he gets. 2 down.

1:14: So we're back to slow posting. There's now one down in the bottom of the 14th. I was supposed to get up at 5 AM for a flight, but now I'm thinking there's no sleep until plane. I hate baseball now.

1:16: Hey look it's Brandon Webb. It took me a few batters to realize it was him because of all the blood that is pouring out of my eye sockets. He's dealing though.

1:20 I dont want to die like this. Huddled. Alone. A sunburn from the TV's gamma rays. Baseball Almost Killed Me.

1:22: So wait. I have the volume turned down pretty low since it's 1 THIRTY IN THE FREAKING MORNING but is Buck implying that Francona is willing to forfeit? In no way will I be disappointed if that happens. Staying up forever for a forfeit. Shoulda left Joe Saunders in longer, dickbreath.

1:26: Sweet merciful Christ, if you wanted me to repent you could have just sent me a sign or immaculately knocked someone up. You didn't have to do this to the All-Star game. Heading to bottom 15.


1:31: I wish Ludwick had landed on a bear trap whilst diving. 1 down.

1:33: The Dinosaur Nivarro single puts Morneau at second and brings up JD Drew. Kevin Youkilis is drinking a Red Bull and somehow that makes for entertaining television because at least it's not someone chopping the ball to short. WALK. BASES LOADED. BASES LOADED.

1:37: Sacrifice fly from Michael Young. Morneau is called safe. Let's see if he really was... yes. He was. Ok. It's over. Goodnight everyone. I will not see you tomorrow. Rob will. I may retire and join an internetless monastery. I'll keep you posted. 4-3 AL.

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I just got back from the Gov't Mule concert. This game is retarded. But great Glog, CTC.

I turned this on in the fifth and now the decision to drink a beer per inning isn't looking so good.

benno, I hope this goes another 7

Sure he didn't smoke crack?

Sure he didn't smoke crack?

I've got 2 coors lights from 3 months ago, 2 rogues and a random ipa, I might be able to make it.

holy crap that got my hopes up

sherrill would've pitched earlier, but he doesn't pitch until the bill on his hat is just right and flat

ugh, that got my hopes up, come on sizemore

McCarver wants to give Russel Martin the sex

what happened to the top half of Cook's goatee? the american mustache institute isn't pleased.

CTC, this Glog is loading slightly better than Deadspin's. Congrats.

Benno, hold out hope and save the aged Coors for last.

Bud Selig has taken 3 naps for every beer I've drank.

Hang in there Cap'n

Holy shit--you guys are still at it? Very Hamiltonian of you, CTC.

I'm worried. I don't want to live in a world with Nate McClouth - ASG MVP. If Ludwick gets on, it'll happen

There's only one way to end this, and that's to have Dan Uggla pitch. He has the magic touch of terrible tonight, and with great power comes the responsibility to end this disaster.

I don't understand the y-gartis photo.

if Selig ends this game early the only people who are going to know are us west coasters. no one is at the stadium any more

Hey man, nice marmol.

Hey CTC, thanks for the live-glog. Now I know I didn't miss too much in the first 11 innings.

oh man, uggla's confidence has just been absolutely shot this game


Beat me to it.

Slow posting time he says.

Loudest expletive ever! Carlos Quentin just won himself a fan

oh man, time for beer number nine. there is no way this is going to end well

I'm on the train, y'all. Regardless of what happens i blame bud

Tim Lincecum is looking like a very smart man right about now.

too bad Ankiel wasn't an all-star. if only to see Hurdle try to talk him into pitching an inning and promptly walking four batters in a row on 16 wild pitches

I don't even want to see the Shrimp now. Just make it stop

I don't even want to see the Shrimp now. Just make it stop

Carlos Guillen: another bad decision by the M's. And now I must hate him for not ending this.

Hey guys. Anyone down here have any uppers?

@CTC I've got three hours til the liquor store around the corner closes but that's about it. for everything else go talk to Josh Hamilton

Those blown calls loom large Bud. Replay for everything!

I think Francona should just say fuck it and make position players pitch from here on out


Can they dress Albert Pujols up as Dionner Navarro and have him face Lidge. This game will be over toute suite

@farthammer, I agree, should have been Giambi that year


Two BB's and then SHRIMP!!!

now warming up in the AL pen, Clay Counsil.

it's what I get for being from oakland. I was also at the Jeremy Giambi no slide game vs. the yankees and I still scream every time I see those gatorade commercials with that

now warming up in the AL pen, Clay Counsil.

not quite a walkoff walk. I think the ump just said fuck it and as long as it was close he was calling him safe

Corey Hart, I could kiss your inbred nutsack

El Benno and I are neighbors. I was at the slide game as well. I will defend to the death the fact that it was a tie and ties go to the runner.

yay game over go AL gnight.

I want my money back.

I fucking knew it...JD Drew gets the MVP...and harpy Jeannie Zelaszszszko rubs in the fact that he's a Red Sock.

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