Baseball Before Bedtime: Furi

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tiredchinaman.jpgHere's what happened in baseball while you were learning Japanese.

Cubs 7, Milwaukee 1: For the second straight evening the Cubs emerge victorious against their closest division foe. Z went 8 scoreless, striking out 9 and scattering 5 hits. The game was living up it's pitching pedigree, as a 1-0 ball game going into the sixth. In that inning, Chicago batted around against Ben Sheets, including a thrilling mix of hard hit balls and Ryan Braun taking a couple dumps in the outfield. The Cubs give themselves a little breathing room, opening up a 3 game lead.

Twins 6, White Sox 5: Uh ohs! The Identicals scored 5 in the fifth to come back from a 4 run deficit. Justin Morneau had a bases clearing double and was probably all humble about it and then had a glass of Kool-Aid. White Sox rookie Clayton Richard was cruising until that fateful frame. Joe Nathan got his 29th save in 31 chances and is very good. Minnesota sits just 1/2 a game out.

Orioles 7, Yankees 6: Daniel Cabrera and Dave Trembley both got tossed in the 8th after beaning A-Rod, the Yankees tried to mount a 9th inning comeback, Kevin Millar hit his 6th HR of the year against The Bombers and it all amounted to: The Yankees losing to Baltimore for the second straight night and their third loss overall. Phew that was exhausting. Darrel Rasner is sucking back to earth.

Phillies 2, Nationals 1: I've got nothing against the Phillies, but I hate seeing Brett Meyers do well. That redneck malcontent threw 7 shutout innings and even got into a humorous fake spat with Charlie Manuel when it was time to leave the game. Whatever. Between that and seeing a picture of this fat guy, I didn't have much fun writing this recap.

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Karl Rove has his mouth wide open. CTC loves dudes with mouths agape.

Guh. My team is dumping vets for prospects, fielding a lineup with lots of unfamiliar names, and my inbox is filled with taunting messages from Yankee fans. Catch the fever. Be a believer. Wish we had a reliever. The Cleveland Indians.

My team had Mark Kotsay and Greg Norton bat in the 3 and 4 spots last night.

I'm accepting propositions on a team to pull for for the rest of the year. Can't be a team from NY or the NL east.

Twins or Giants.

To be perfectly fair, there's a homeless guy wandering around southeast that has shut out the Nats for 7 innings.

Here's what happened in baseball wile you were turning Japanese.

/I really think so'd

Braves fans 25 and older can't root for the Twins.

Fuck Hrbek

Told you

I love Kent Hrbek.

Root for the Royals.

Hmm, that works, their GM used to work for Atlanta.

Kent Hrbek has a show on here in Minneapolis called Kent Hrbek Outdoors. It's a fishing show where he has guests come out and fish with him. He spent the fist part of he adult life making a living playing baseball and now he is making a living fishing. Kent Hrbek is my hero.

On my first trip to the Metrodome i took several pictures posing underneath the Hrbek banner. It was uplifting. I need to find those.

I had a friend get married in Green Bay and while we were there I had a buddy take a picture of me peeing on Lambeau. I need to find those pictures.

I want to go on his show, and drown him.

Is Kent Hrbek Outdoors anything like Fishing with John? Because I'd really like to see Kent Hrbek go fishing with Tom Waits.

Kent Hrbek fishing with Tom Waits.

I just decided on my next Walkoff Walk Interview.

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