Baseball Before Bedtime: I Remember Clifford

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Here's what happened in baseball as the first 'half' ended:

Brewers 3, Reds 2: Good thing Milwaukee traded for CC Sabathia otherwise they'd have been swept by the Reds. Big Boy tater-totted in his complete game victory over Cincinnati while striking out nine Reds. Heck, he sent all three ninth inning batters down via K (granted it was Corey Patterson, David Ross and Joey Votto). Craig Counsell's walkoff sac fly won it for the Brew Crew, and then he was carded at the after party at Victor's. Jerry Hairston Jr. got hurt again, extending the 2008 Curse of Reds Shortstops.

Indians 5, Rays 2: I kept telling you but nobody ever listens to me. The Rays' downfall would come on the road, and it did. The lowly Cleveland Indians completed a four-game sweep and handed Tampa Bay its seventh loss in a row. Shit, the Rays haven't won in Cleveland since Justice Roberts' reign of terror began Hey the Red Sox are in first place at the All Star break! WHO KNEW! Jhonny Peralta's three RBI toppled Rays ace Scott Kazmir and reliever Tom Mastny collected his first win of the year.

Giants 4, Cubs 2: You can have your Rich Hardens and your Carlos Zambranos, Cubs fans, but you'll never get any Tim Lincecums no matter how many Matt Murtons you put out on the market. Mr. Lincecum struck out nine Cubs in eight innings strong while adding an RBI triple for good measure. He out-dueled the previously-undefeated-at-home Ryan Dempster who has never beaten the mighty Giants. Ray Durham had a two-RBI single and then beat up a vagrant after the game. Just kidding. He clothed the poor and healed the sick.

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The "lowly" Indians? How dare you call...wait, you're right. They are lowly.

Counsell used his helicopter swing to fly to Victor's.

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