Baseball Before Bedtime: Please Visit Your National Parks

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sleepingcats.jpg Here's what happened in baseball while you were going to learn your geography:

Phillies 8, Braves 3: The Phils have taken 6 of 7 so far this season from the Braves. Shane Vicorino and Pat Burrell both had funny bones, with Victorino's being part of a 4 RBI evening. Kendrick gave up all 3 runs in 6 innings of work, but 3 Philadelphia runs in the top of the 9th sealed the deal. Burrell, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard become the first ever Philly trio to have 20 tater tots before the ASB.

Rays 3, Red Sox 1: Matt Garza was in control the entire game and JP Howell and Grant Balfour picked up exactly where he left off in relief. Tampa fans have existed for 2 months and already they're annoying. LEAVE THE COWBELLS ON YOUR DRUMSET. The Sox drop to 4 games back in the loss column. Sad Trombone.

Nationals 9, Marlins 6: Ronnie Belliard hit a King Dong in the 6th and the Marlins kept trying to rebound but never made it over the hump. This was only Washington's 2 win in 11 tries against the Fish. Colin Balester became the first ever WaspWashington National to win his MLB debut. Way to go, buddy.

Rangers 3, Yankees 2: Mariano "Chita" Rivera had not given up a single run in a save situation this season. Then Michael Young got up in his nonsense and knocked in the go ahead single in the top of the 9th last night. Joba Chamberlain threw 91 pitches in 4 innings. While that pitch count and his four walks will be what all the stories lead with today, let's not overlook the fact that 6 of the 12 batters he retired were by strikeout.

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Once again the Tribe continues their effort put me in an institution.

The game did feature a classic Hawk Harrelson quote: "Cliff Lee shows you that the definition of a pitcher is 'I can pitch'". Thanks for the insight, Hawk, I wasn't completely clear on that one.

The Braves stranded at least one runner in scoring position in six of the first seven innings.


So I guess Chita still hasn't given up a run in a save sitch. Good for her.

Oh yeah I guess it was still tied eh? Well he still fucking BLEW IT.

While that pitch count and his four walks will be what all the stories lead with today, let's not overlook the fact that he is a tubby, overrated, emotionally volatile piece of crap. So, like, CC Sabathia but without the Cy Young.

There we go!

Sorry this whole "losing to Tampa Bay" thing is making me kinda ornery.

CC is definitely tubby, but the team that gives us Papelbon should think twice before playing the "emotionally volatile" card.

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