Baseball Before Bedtime: Sweet Melissa

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Here's what happened in baseball as you couldn't hide the dead man's ghost:

Phillies 8, Mets 6: I see how this works now...let Billy Wagner sit with a close lead in the ninth inning because of a sore shoulder and let the rest of the bullpen come out, one by one, and shit all over the mound. The New York Mets bullpen tore another page out of the Johan Santana career win book by allowing six ninth-inning runs and ruuuuining a 5-2 Mets lead. So Taguchi and Jimmy Rollins each provided two-run dubbles in that fateful inning and Brad Lidge allowed one meaningless run in the ninth for his 22nd save in 22 chances. HOW DO YOU LIVE LIKE THIS, METS FANS? Oh wait, no Mets fans read this blog.

Marlins 4, Braves 0: The Braves got VanderHurked, and they got VanderHurked good. Young stud Rick VanderHurk and his three reliever friends allowed but one hit in nine innings. Chipper Jones got the lone Atlanta hit on the night in the sixth inning off reliever Joe Nelson who I hope was reprimanded properly for his transgression. Mike Jacobs' three run ding-dong provided all the necessary offense for the tater tot tallyin' Marlins. Bobby Cox sat this one out because of the naughty things he said on Sunday.

Brewers 4, Cardinals 3: Kyle Lohse' four perfect innings and seven strikeouts all went into the shitter as Bill Hall's solo ding-dong sailed over the fence in the ninth to put the Brewers ahead. Well really, Lohse had no chance to win after he gave up a run in the seventh and the two tying runs in the eighth. Salomon Torres saved it all in the ninth, delaying the Brewers need for a new reliever somewhat. Ryan Ludwick's first inning tater tot was allegedly the longest homer in New Busch Stadium's history but check here for actual distance.

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At least three of those pitches Francoeur swung at appeared to be out of the strike zone, and he sunk to an almost unfathomable 3-for-22 in bases-loaded situations, with seven strikeouts and four double plays grounded into.


Rob, are you glogging today's Yankee game?

Hate to shit in your hat so early but I won't be glogging today. Sorry, y'all.

I hope you'll at least be able to watch the game today.

I went to the Bronx last night and am full of Yankee goodness.

If Vanderhurk had a no hitter why the fuck was there a reliever in the game?

Let's hope the goodness continues, especially this weekend in Boston.

Unlike Upstate, I hope Rob is unable to watch baseball games for three weeks because of his today's liveglog embargo.

I wouldn't have taken him out, but Vanderhurk walked the bases loaded with no outs in the 4th, and was all over the place.

VanderHurk had the control of a 12 year old boy in a roomful of Penthouse mags, hand lotion, and Kleenex.

Have no fear, I think CTC is still liveglogging the All-Star Game, so we'll have something to do besides work.

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