Baseball Before Bedtime: There There

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Here's what happened in baseball as we were a walking disaster:

Mets 10, Reds 8: How does a baseball game feature two blown saves and yet neither of them belonged to Billy Wagner? In fact, Mr. W pitched a 1-2-3 ninth for the save after the Mets tagged Reds closer Francisco Cordero for four runs in the top half of the inning. David Wright's two-run tater tot was the big blow; he had 4 RBI while Carlos Delgado and Fernando Tatis added 3 each. The Mets blew three leads for starter Johan Santana and yet sit in first place now after the big win.

Cardinals 4, Padres 3: Four solo ding-dongs propelled the Cards to a big win over starter Jake Peavy (who allowed all four tots and most certainly will not be winning the Cy Young this year). The Cardinals had exactly zero runners in scoring position all night but Troy Glaus, Rick Ankiel, and Joe Mather drove themselves in pretty well. Heck, St. Louis had more solos in this game than a typical Rush concert.

Tigers 6, Orioles 5: So Detroit is starting off on the right foot, what with permanent malcontent Gary Sheffield hitting a ding-dong and teammates Marcus Thames and Brandon Inge adding dongs of their own. Garrett Olson took the loss while Kenny Rogers picked up his seventh win on the year, despite allowing 11 of the Orioles' 14 hits. Hey, they can't all be gems. Okay, so none of them really are gems.

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Wagner is building up hope just so he can crush their hearts and dreams at a later date.

(I hope)

G-damn west coast games. Don't they realize I'm hammered by 10PM? Oh well, might make the aaron Laffey experience more tolerable.

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